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low GI diet- help please

Hello all,

I’m struggling to conceive and am currently under the fertility clinic. We are coming close to IVF but not just yet. I want to give my body the best chance to do it on its own. Does anyone have any tips that could help with a low GI diet? Are there any good apps, books, blogs that you know of? Any basic rules?

I have tried it a few times but find it confusing so am looking for some guidance.

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In my view cut out all white carbs as they make the symptoms worse. I am on a carb free diet currently but before that I cut out carbs at night, a bit weird at first but Ive been doing it for about 5 years now and dont even worry about having rice with curry or spag with bol.

I highly recommend reflexology - I conceived Noah on my second IUI attempt and the only difference between the two was weekly reflexology. My period arrived on the day and almost to the hour which had never happened before. It is also quite relaxing as well.

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Thank you. I have been considering alternative therapy but wasn’t sure where to start. Did the reflexologist know you were trying to conceive? X


Yes she did, she actually was a trainee (as a bit cheaper) and their are certain points of the feet that relate to ovulation/fertility. I wasn't sure it would work but was getting desperate and I don't really see what else it could have been especially as my period arrived to the hour.


Hey I cut out all carbs and refined sugar xx


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