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Low LH & FSH levels

Hello all! Quick question about your LH and FSH hormone level, are yours too high or too low? Many girls with PCOS have too high and mine is too low :( I don't know if I can cure it naturally?

i saw an endocrinologist and he said it was the result of me taking the pill for 18 months and my body is in the process of turning this hormone back 'on'.

Does this mean the pill is bad? am going on accutane on monday and my derm suggests going on dianette but am scared coz it may prevent my pituitary gland from ever regulating itself again. What are your thoughts? any experience?

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Generally the combined pill can mask the symptoms and can make the levels more in a normal range. Often if you come off it the pcos symptoms can get considerably worse. You can manage it with low GI type diet etc but I have been on the combined pill on and off for 30 years and generally it keeps my symptoms at bay and for me makes it easier to maintain my weight too. I suppose it depends on how you feel about the combined pill really, I have no issues with it as the risks are minimal and for me the benefit of pretty much no symptoms outweighs the small risk.

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What pill are you on? am just confused because so many people say they can 'beat' pcos through diet, would you say going on the pill is better? am just confused because so many people say different things...as well as saying the pill is good..saying it is bad.. What symtoms do you have?


Lots of people don't really like the contraceptive pill and want to manage it through diet alone (so more naturally) which can be a struggle but I am happy on the combined pill (yasmin). I used to suffer from weight issues and very hairy (have had laser on my face which has been brilliant). Also very 'black' times too where I just felt so low for no real reason, generally the majority of that is helped by the combined pill.

You can't beat PCOS but you can control it to a degree - my diet is pretty good as well as dont eat many white carbs or sugar anyway as obviously their are other issues such as diabetes and heart disease so I do take care of myself but just find it all so much easier on the pill.

The combined pill is what endocrinologist recommend to control pcos as well as it masks the symptoms and they say there is no issue with doing that.

In my view I would rather take the tiny risk of it and be 'normal' than not, also I would rather have a happy, less moody life as well (and for those around me), I have been on the pill on and off for 30 years !


You have to think about your body and what is right for you at this time in your life. I only went on the pill 13 years ago for a few months. Having lost any excess weight through diet. I wanted to ensure more hormonal balance before trying to conceive. I have not been on it since. Though like the ladies below have mentioned I have friends with PCOS who are very happy and comfortable in the pill. I didn't notice any change when I cam off the pill but I stuck to low carb eating habits. So maybe it might not be a bad thing to try it alongside a change in diet(if required).


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