I've got psoc I've had 4 periods this month is that normal with this syndrome? Taken pregnancy test it was positive for 30 seconds then went negative! The pains are really bad gynaecology are ringing me on Friday about some contraception but iam trying for a baby ovulating now and again but it's a big worry about fertility with bleeding 4 times this month , any ideas thanks x

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  • I'm sorry but honestly not sure....I'm new here and i'm 19. I don't think people respond a lot in this community. I need help and I'm scared.

  • I've never experienced this, I always have a lack of periods. You're talking to a gynaecologist which is the best thing you can do. Make sure you express your concerns. I'm not sure if it means you're ovulating four times and having four 'real' periods or if it's something else so definitely discuss with a medical professional.

    I get a lot of pain - I think that's normal. It just depends how severe it is. If it's unbearable then call your doctor and don't wait until Friday.

    PCOS is a bit of am anomaly because it can impact everybody differently.

  • I don't think it is a period but doctors are sertion it is it's only light spotting I thought it was implantation bleeding took a test yesterday it was positive for 30 seconds then back to negative and they won't see me while I've spoke to the consultant tomorrow x

  • Thankyou for your advice! Iam on a waiting list I was meant to be seen this month but it all got cancelled

  • Get an appointment with your gp today if you are in pain. Normally you can get an emergency same day appointment. But if the pain isn't too bad, wait for gynaecology. They are the experts and should give you the best advice. Hope it gets better x

  • PCOS ladies vary hugely, some rarely have periods, some bleed constantly for periods of time. Start checking to see if you ovulate (via fertilityfriends website as taking your temperature is the only accurate way with pcos). Your GP can give you something to stop a bleed (but if it is intermittent over the 4 weeks that is a bit different)

    Generally pain is not a symptom of pcos but is of endometreosis and their is a link between pcos and endo and it isnt uncommon to have both conditions so ask to be referred to an endocrinologist rather than a gynae as it is not alway a gynae issue (pcos is an endocrine disorder and not ovary or 'fanny' related, the cysts on the ovaries are only a symptom and not the cause and not everyone has them, the name is extremely misleading).

  • Yeah I will do thankyou , the bleeding keeps stopping and starting for 2 days then starts again a week after! Would my fertility be fine or would I need help? I was pregnant last year but I took some tablets and had a miscarriage in January I didn't know I was pregnant while December either , I feel sick every day and cramps in my stomach I took a test yesterday it was positive for 30 seconds then went negative again so I don't know what to think ATM

  • How frustrating for you! What sort of pregnancy test did you use ? Our fertility is fine generally, in fact our egg quality remains better for longer than a non pcos lady so we can conceive later in life too, the issue is ovulation as we can be a bit hit ad miss so that is often the area that needs help. As you have previously got pregnant then there is no reason to suspect it wont happen again.

  • It was just a cheap one it's happened a couple of times I stopped bleeding yesterday it happened for 2 days ! I was told my fertility could be effective so I would have to have a lap operation to help with it? I don't think I need it tho

  • No I agree, I dont think you do yet either, Ive never heard of a suggestion that fertility could be affected by prolonged bleeding either

  • That's what I thought as well il speak to my consultant tomorrow about it and see what they say

  • I have PCOS and out of the past 30 days I had bled heavily for 26 and not bled at all for 4 days, however I have read a lot of PCOS ladies don’t bleed very much at all - how confusing! I really suffer with the constant intense pain. I get pain in my thighs, lower back and my abdomen feels like a heavy achy void all the time with the odd shooting pain every now and again.

    Things that really help me with the symptoms are ibuprofen, evening primrose oil and turmeric. Google a recipe for “golden paste” it’s really good for inflammation and very natural! I have also been told that vitamin D supplements are really good so going to try that too.

    Hope you are ok lots of love to u 🤗

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