What can I/can't I eat?

Only recently diagnosed with PCOS - Spent hours researching the best possible diets/ foods to eat and avoid in order to improve symptoms of PCOS but there are so many conflicting articles - don't know where to even start! What foods do you recommend - in particular towards managing acne and weight issues in general for PCOS? Please help... I need my life back! Tired/lethargic/chronic fatigue/acne/generalized aches and pains/increased hair growth

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  • Generally low GI is recommended. In my opinion white carbs are the route of all evil as far as pcos is concerned so cut them out completely. We can be low in Vitamin D as well. Weight loss doesnt always make symptoms improve sadly even though GP's suggest it does, we have slim pcos ladies as well.

  • I have the same issue. I don't know what's best diet to go on. I've being trying to get it right for about 6/7 years. Hope someone can help you on this site!

  • We do need to eat considerably less - if we ate the RDA we would still put on 2lb a month so over a stone a year as we store fat so efficiently (lucky us) - so we need to eat considerably less JUST to maintain our weight ....

  • The morning is the worst I wake up feeling like I could eat the contents of the fridge! Do you calorie count? So white carbs completely out?


  • I'm just within a healthy weight range according to my BMI and my gynaecologist said a low carb diet should help, when I asked so I'm aiming for less than 25% of my calories from carbs, using my fitness pal to track x

  • Hey.

    I also have PCOS & currently going through a FET cycle.

    I find that a low sugar, high protein diet helps. I eat loads of eggs, chicken, fish & veggies. Its also really important to drink loads of water & exercise.

    Hope your symptoms improve soon. X

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