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Blood tests fine...?

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I wrote on here a week or so ago, explaining that they had found evidence of PCOS on my ultrasound and were doing blood tests...I was convinced I was going to have PCOS but now they have said that all my bloods are normal. I feel a bit lost where to go now, there is something wrong with me and I have been chasing it for years now with no answers. I have acne, fairly hairy (although this could very well be genetic) pain during intercourse and pain before I have a bowel movement, does anyone have any advice on what to ask the doctors for next?


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Blood tests can be hit and miss sadly so if they saw cysts on the scan then it is a positive diagnosis! Sadly GP's are still very much lacking on the pcos front in a large number of cases so I would ask to be referred to an endocrinologist and ask to be investigated for endometriosis as well as there is a link between pcos and endo and pain is generally more associated with endo.

Have you discussed the pain during intercourse with your GP as this should be investigated, are you up to date on your smear tests as well?

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Hi, thank you for your reply, yes that is what i first went to the doctors about but they just told me it was in my head. I kept asking for a smear (I was 22 at the time) but they wouldn't give me one so I ended up going privately to get one last year, and it was fine.

I am trying to book an appointment with my GP now so I will insist that I am referred, thanks for all your advice :-)

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in your head, yeh right lol - how frustrating - well done for getting the smear done privately.

Hello, I have PCOS. I had a gynaecologist who specialises in PCOS confirm this, cysts showed on my scans over the years but my bloods were normal according to my GP, but in the consultation with the specialist, he said he wants them done again and to look at them himself as he will read them differently to how a GP would. I cant remember how, but it made sense at the time! Something like... borderline results would be ok according to GP but a specialist would look in more detail or something like that! And certain things would stand out to him differently. This is what he said to me anyway, So Maybe it’s worth seeing someone other than your GP as for me it was years of being unsure before he gynaecologist confirmed I had it.

Even without the bloods though, he said he was pretty sure I had it just by examining me but he would look at the bloods again anyway.

All my blood tests have been described as normal by my GP and even the fertility specialists! Some people have suggested that although the hormones are within normal range, it may be the ratio between them that is abnormal. Although I can't get a straight answer from a doctor on this. You might want to ask for a copy of the results to compare the relationship between each hormone and try a bit of research from there.

Other than that my specialist said of all the pcos symptoms there are (which there are many) they only need me to have 3 to be diagnosed with pcos. For me it's irregular periods, cysts on my ovaries and mild acne. There are no strick rules for having pcos, so even if your bloods are totally normal you may still be diagnosed if you have other symptoms.

Good luck, hope you get some answers soon.

The consultant told me there need to be at least 12 cysts on each ovary for a formal pcos diagnosis, I had a about 10 so he said was borderline. In essence I have a lot of the symptoms but not as severely.

I also have endometriosis and vulvodynia

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Hols969 in reply to Mswa

That is rubbish, cysts are only a symptom which further research has shown and not all ladies with pcos have the cysts, they can also come and go so one time you may have them during as scan the next time they may have disappeared!

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