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Update from endocrinologist

Hi there

I posted a few wks ago struggling with symptoms of migraine, palpitations, weight gain, mental fog, deficiencies, amongst other things

So I went and had consultation and outcome was:

1 that PCOS is out of control so advised to commence metformin initially on 500mg and work up to 3000mg, consider cyproterone for hirstutism and consider Saxenda (self funded) for weight loss

2 that I have celiac disease - so this is why I have b12 and folate deficiency

3 that I may have thyroid failure (impending hypothyroidism) which fits with other symptoms

So more blood tests and go back to see consultant. Just wondered if anyone has tried cyproterone or Saxenda and what we’re results? Quite a lot of information to process and I am still trying to make sense of it all, we all understand that weight loss is key to managing symptoms and I guess am just wondering if this is going to be the key that unlocks the door for me finally......

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