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HELP! PCOS sufferer with contraceptive implant and consistent bleeding after sex


I am about to turn 28 and have suffered with PCOS for approx 10 years. I bleed after almost every time I have sex. I also am often bleeding just randomly though it is hardly ever like a period. I have had numerous tests and scans and nothing apart from one cervical screening that said I had borderline changes since the last. FYI I have also had the implant fitted approx 6 months ago but bleed after sex even before I had the implant. It is really starting to get me down now and I am scared about it getting to my partner too. It is a real inconvenience.

Please advise!

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Hi,i was wondering,are you having periods or are you having the bleeding instead of periods.ive been having bleeding every 2-3 weeks since jan and only 3 proper periods.ive been put on the pill and have been bleeding for over 2 weeks.i had booked a private smear but havent been able 2 have it due 2 bleeding.is your bleeding old or new blood?are they doing anything regarding your smear results?i like you am very frustrated and bleeding on and off all the time affects your relationship and your mood.i hope u get answers soon.xx

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Hi there, I have had the same kind of experience except I'm not on any contraception, when they've checked have they done screenings of your cervix as I used to bleed during & after intercourse and it was due to abnormal cells on my cervix I ended up having a minor op to remove those cells & haven't had the problem anymore

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The implant is not good from a pcos point of view and can make the symptoms much worse. So you are up to date with your smear tests, have you been back to the GP about it. I would get the implant removed asap.


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