Pregnacy testing with pcos

Hey i have pcos. Docs gave me progestreon tablets in december to make me bleed so as to keep lining of womb from getting to thick. It kick started something as periods have returned .yay. i last had intercorse on the 12th which was ten days ago. Did digital clear blue this morning and was neg. Have i tested to early or am i safe to say im not pregnant ??

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  • Too early - when I did IUI I tested day 14 and it was very very faintly positive (so much so I thought it was negative), I would leave it another 4 days or so. Are your periods regular as that may make a difference, we tend to ovulate later than the norm as well.

  • No they arnt regular vary between 33-43 cycle. Ive all the period symtoms achy boobs and back and like a tight feeling in uterus. Xx

  • Mine was anything from 2-11 days late - I would leave it another 4 days or so. I had weekly reflexology between my two IUI attempts and my period arrived on the day and almost to the hour which had never happened before and I conceived Noah who is 11 now.

  • Thank you. Xx

  • I just thought with those digital tests they cant be wrong cause they tell you how long its been since you concieved. So i was expecting a week or something to show up lol x

  • they are if you the norm but we aren't !!

  • Did first responce this morning. Neg aswell x

  • Ok so im on day 44 of this cycle .

    16 days since intercoarse. No period and had one show of like a snotter (sorry) discharge but nothing else. Do u think my periods have just stopped again 😢

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