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Scan showed mild PCO but i do not have the symptoms?


I have always had quite heavy periods until last year I had alot of stress (4 family deaths) and went really light so i went to the doctor,and she referred me to have an ultrasound,internal and to see the Gyno... In the mean time i did a ca-125 because i had back pain. The ca-125 came back 41 (this gave me bad anxiety which gives me pains all over my body now especially in my sides sometimes). The gyno and scan was clear apart from the lady said i had mild Polycystic on my right ovary. The only symptoms i have is i struggle to lose weight and my periods use to be heavy... They are regular and I have 2 children too. I had another ca-125 4 months after the first one and it came back 43... So I have another scan booked in for peace of mind. They blame the ca-125 being higher because i have PCO on my right,but when i looked it up that was not on the list? I am in a mess now because i want to know whats wrong. My back hurts,tummy hurts,loose stools all because im petrified they are misdiagnosing me.... My periods are only 2-3 days blood was brown and red at first but still light. I am very stressed and anxious,I've a couple of nasty panic attacks over it.I would be very grateful if any one had any advice about the symptoms for PCOS. I have had the blood test but they still have not told me if i have it or not? :(

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Some ladies have no symptoms, only the cysts (which are follicles really). Anxiety can really muck up your system though. What is the scan you are talking about ca-125 as not heard of it before?


Try to relax and let the doctors do their work. Speak to your GP about your anxieties and don't be made to feel that you are being silly or not worth the time (which many can make you feel) because the symptoms of PCOS, no matter how mild, are very real and we deserve to be treated for them. Take it easy x

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Stress can cause ovulatory problems/changes that will usually resolve themselves once the stress goes away, there is a possibility that this is the causes of the changes in your cycle and not the PCO. If you do have PCOS it is important to remember that although there is no cure, it is a very manageable condition these days so try to relax. Speak to your doctor about the stress and anxiety, make sure you are heard and get the help you are entitled to (try not to let them just write you an anxiety subscription without offering you any therapy).


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