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Need some advice


I am 21 years old been off the depo 2yrs as i want to try and have a baby, unfortunaley i was told by gp i couldnt have kids and they sent me for tests in august 2018 and the bloods show i had boarder line hormoans and the ultrasound i had said i had bulky overies. Few months later i keep getting bad pelvic pain and i went back to my GP in feb 2019 and they sent me for another scan and bloods, my scan has now shown i have PCOS with endo as i have a 12 folical cyst on both sides of my overies and my overies are very enlarged Just waiting for ny bloods to come back. Does anyone have any advice if if i could have children as my GP doesnt think so and also i dont have periods they gave me a tablet to have one while they were testing again

Any advice please :)

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Hey I’m really surprised at the advice your GP has given you. Large cystic ovaries is just normal for PCOS and I’ve read on here having PCOS and endo is quite common. It’s really really rare not to conceive with PCOS and what you’re describing so I’m not sure why they are saying that unless there’s another health condition? I don’t have endo but the other things you have described are very similar to me and my GP said it’s just a case of which fertility treatment will work rather than it not working at all. It may be difficult for you to conceive naturally but that doesn’t mean you can’t without help. Have you had a referral to fertility clinic? This is usually after 1 year of trying so if not do ask for one and they can do more tests and run through your options. Best of luck xx

Happygirl2002 in reply to Ruby92

Hi, ive been to see 3 diffrent Gps and they wont reffer me to see the fertility clinic and i am really upset as its been 2yrs of trying and the GP just keeps telling me to give up and look at other options and one gp even gave me a number for adoptions. I am only young and i really want a family its means the world to us just fed up of my doctors sweeping it under the carpet xx

They said this to me 20 odd years ago, its still rubbish, not sure why they still say it, our only issue is ovulation as it can be hit and miss so your GP is totally wrong and you will have children, it may be quick or it may take longer but it is really rare not to conceive just due to pcos!

You cannot diagnose endo via a scan though so they may suspect it but you would need a laparoscopy to confirm the endo

Look at the NICE guidelines too so you can push your GP. I am quite shocked your GP has dismissed you tbh - disgraceful.

I have gave up trying for a baby after all this stress and upset and i dont know how to cope with it anymore as anyone got a suggestions

Not surprised, I am quite horrified by your GP to be honest. Look at the fertilityfriends website as it advises how to see if you are ovulating, as you may well be but just a bit hit and miss like most of us.

Ive been to three diffrent gps and no one will give me a straight answer im always in a lot of pain in my pelvic area and they gave me medication to make me have a period and i ended up going so poorly and bleeding lots changing my pad every 30 mins and i was so pale and the pain down there was so painful not even naproxen helped ive been so upset just had no support or answers

That is the issue that you are seeing GP's, it is not their specialty, you need to see a specialist - look at the NICE guidelines and take them with you to your appointment (with your mum or a friend or something) dont let them fob you off

I begged them to reffer me to the specialist so i have my questions answered there more bothered about getting me reffered to fertility clinic for ivf but wont reffer me until all the tests again its breaking my heart to keep doing all this my mum went to my appointment they wouldnt listent to her and then my partner went to last two but no help

Have you thought about going to see a Nutritional Therapist (look on the BANT website) or a functional medicine practitioner? PCOS can be reversed with the correct blood sugar balancing diet and supplements to reverse insulin resistance. There are often food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies too. Adequate Vitamin D levels very important for PCOS and fertility. Look at Sarah Armide's videos on youtube. Best to see a practitioner if you can afford it.

They have done blood tests and i am not insulin resistant and i have low blood sugar like the highest it gets is 4.4, i dont have money to pay private im from the uk

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