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Depression/ anxiety with pcos


Does anyone suffer with anxiety and depression with pcos. I am wondering whether mine could be related to my pcos. My hormones seem out of control. I feel great on rare occasion I have a period.

Would going on the pill help this?My pcos seems worse after coming off the mirena ( worse acne, facial hair depression etc).

I will discuss with doctor just wanted thoughts on this.

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Oh yes ... the combined contraceptive pill may help keep your moods feel more level but doesn't work for everyone. Depression and anxiety is a symptom of pcos so is quite common. I am on the combined pill and I am less moody and am also on anti depressants too (low dose) as it helps hugely with my anxiety levels.

Should also say I take 2-3 months of the combined pill on the trot as it keeps the symptoms even more at bay.

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