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Myo Inositol

Hey Ladies,

Having a pretty good day here. (a rarity!) most of my posts are moaning and being annoyed!

After a long battle the gyno has finally given me back my yasmin (yay!!!) and i feel like a very happy girl. I'm on my third or forth laser session for my facial hair and this month i haven't had to shave my face once and it feels like such a blessing not to get up and check my face before leaving the house.

Ive booked myself a trip to Bali in 8 weeks and now its time to tackle the weight, that lovely pooch around my middle that is stopping me getting into all my previously slim clothes! I spoke with the gyno about myo-inositol and she recommended it to help. is anyone using any particular brand of powder? the best one i've seen so far is Jarrow brand on amazon but wondered if any of the wise owls on here are using a brand they like?

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Hey I use Jarrow's brand myo inositol been taking it since about October and fell pregnant a month after (had been trying for over a year with no success) unfortunately misscarried but carried on taking myoinositol and have a had a period within 26 days of miscarriage. My periods very rarely show up so was quite surprised. No idea if it was the inositol but I think it has definitely helped with weight loss. X


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