Tough PCOS and pregnancy

Hi, ladies. How did you manage to conceive with PCOS? Mine is rather tough. I was diagnosed with it since 14 years old. My hubby and I are TTC for 4 years. I’m overweight, and have rather hairy arms and legs. In addition, there is even hair on my face. I used to take metphormin, but I didn’t help me to lose weight. There were also several IVFs with BFN results, so we decided to try ED. We live in Germany where this treatment is prohibited, so we went to Ukraine to get a donor egg. Actually, we got interested in Ukrainian reproductive clinic Biotexcom. It’s situated in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. We decided to contact this clinic because we found loads of positive feedbacks about it on various fertility forums. We even spoke with one woman who had her egg donation program in Kiev last year and give a birth to lovely son. However, when we came to Kiev we were a little bit frustrated. Firstly, we didn’t expect to find out that the clinic was so tiny. It was situated in a small private house. We visited it twice and every time it was overcrowded with people of various nationalities. We met loads of Chinese and Indian patients there. The atmosphere was noisy and unpleasant. The staff was constantly going forwards and backwards. It seemed that the telephone was ringing for ages and nobody wanted to answer to it… The clinic administrator showed us by her facial expression that she was bored to death by our question why we had to wait in the queue to meet the clinic’s representatives. We used to visit another Ukrainian clinic the other days, and everything was different there. It was called Nadia. Firstly, the clinic halls were empty. The administrator was friendly, and the doctor soothing. We liked the way we were treated there, but we didn’t like that the clinic’s halls were empty. To be frank, it looked like we were in a horror film, because not a single soul was there. We didn’t sign contracts with any clinic and went back home. Now we have to decide whether to come back to Ukraine and choose one of these clinics, or go and try to get the egg donation in other clinic or maybe another country. I just want to get to know your opinion about both of these clinics. If the clinic is overcrowded with the patients, but the staff is cold and unfriendly, what does this mean???

P.S. Maybe there is someone here who has gone to Ukraine to get an egg donation program. Please share your experience with us… I need your advice because I really don’t know what to do further…

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  • Hi i have pcos and i have had this since i was a teenager i also have a beautiful little girl and it can be possible to have a baby while you have pcos as for you visiting other countries i don't think it's a good idea there is a way you can achieve thease goals having a baby and lose weight there is this lady yhat has done research into pcos who also has pcos and mange to have childern of her own there is a diet especially for people with pcos and lots of imformation and advice so please try this lady she s really good and you can email her about your situation give a go the email is give it a go see how you get on let me know how you get on keep in touch.

  • When you

    come to Ukraine, you always have a double impression. The country is neither

    modern nor third world one. As far as I know, they have loads of economical and

    political problems inside the country at present. I don’t know why you have

    chosen this country as your final destination. I was there twice, and even

    visited a state hospital there. I didn’t like the way I was served there… Why don’t you want

    go to Spain or Russia to get a donor egg?

  • Hi hun sorry to hear about yours and your Hubby's troubles I was diagnosed with pcos nearly 14 years ago. Me and my partner tried for 5 years to conceive even went the docs for help wasn't very helpful to be honest so decided to lose weight by eating healthy small regular meals and excersising lost nearly three stone in a year I'm now the proud mummy of a six month old baby girl it was hard but so worth it felt hopeless at times but they're is ways and light at the end I hope your journey ends well xx

  • Kez610, really glad for you!!! I think losing weight is the key moment in becoming pregnant. I used to take metformin to lose my weight. It didn’t work much. Most of my fat is on my belly and legs. I think I eat too many sweets and move very little. However, after those IVFs I gained more weight. I just don’t want to experience failure one more time… This was the main reason why we moved to DE.

    P.S. We’ve chosen Ukraine cause it’s very popular among infertile couples. It has very good specialists to deal with. And, of course, their prices aren’t very high.

  • Hi,

    everybody! Peachcherry, when you have PCOS and have some extra weight, you

    should certainly loose some weight if you want to get pregnant. You should also

    pay attention to your eggs’ quality. If they aren’t good, you won’t be able to

    conceive. I have PCOS and very bad oocytes. I was able to conceive only with

    the help of a donor egg. Choosing a reproductive clinic is a tough task. I

    remember how I was browsing the net to find a good one. Peachcherry, if you

    want to choose a good clinic, you should pay attention at the clinic’s success

    rating. It’s the main mark whether to choose the clinic or not…

  • Yes, I know this. I tried quite a lot of things to become slimmer. Diets, fitness, drugs… Nearly everything! I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work with me. When I keep to diet, I do lose some weight, but after some time I gain even more. In addition, when I eat little, I start to have a strong headache…

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