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Good morning,

Has anyone here taken Myo-Inositol? If so have you found it helpful?

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I have been taking it since end of May. I am post menopause so not using it to conceive only to see if it can help with other symptoms of PCOS. I was already taking Metformin so only taking half the recommended dose.

I use the capsules, and so far I have had no ill affects from taking it.

I do feel it has slowed the growth of facial hair slightly. I have shed hair for years and this seems to have improved more so. Don't believe it has helped so far with weight loss.

Hope this helps.

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Amyhogs in reply to halfamo

How about the fatigue? Has it helped with that?

Always nervous when trying new things, seems loads of reviews but you never know if they’re genuine or not.

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halfamo in reply to Amyhogs

No I have not noticed any improvement with fatigue. Would say it has helped with general mood.

You are right to be nervous about anything new. I have been reserved in self prescribing which is why I have only taken the reduced dose.

Studies suggest for most it takes a minimum of 3 to 6 months to see improvement.

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Carly93 in reply to Amyhogs

I found a really good multivitamin helps with energy levels. A multi vitamin including whole b complex , vitamin D . Magnesium, vitamin C , zinc and selenium but excluding iodine if you are having any symptoms of hypothyroidism (feeling cold , dry skin and hair, muscle aches.) I feel high anxiety if I take any iodine so I avoid supplementing it. ) also increase protein intake at breakfast/brunch PCOS women metabolism work better from protein . Protein is a good energy source along with sugar and carbohydrates but with PCOS we should be avoiding sugar and decreasing our carbohydrates as these create sugar to linger in our blood due to our insulin being resistant, unable to take the sugar to the cell to store energy so the sugar spikes our blood causes hormone dis regulation and gets stored as fat. Protein however can be used as energy and muscle building . We need to build muscle in order to decrease blood sugar , activate our metabolism, burn fat , improve energy ,mood and support our joints and hormones.

So to sum it up for better energy levels:- Slow weighted workouts to build muscle , eat more protein especially at breakfast/brunch and take a good multivitamin along with a healthy Mediterranean diet .x

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Yes absolutely! I recommend Inofolic alpha to be dissolved in water (buy on Amazon) and Metformin if the gp will prescribe it!

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VEA88 in reply to FrancyItaly

That’s interesting! Do you take both together and has your GP advised that? Thanks.

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My daughter (18) took it for 6 months last year and it regulated her periods from 4 a year to every six weeks, they are also less heavy. hth

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I take Myo and D chiro inositol 40:1 which is best for PCOS over just Myo inositol alone. I take it in powder form after meals twice daily. This has improved cravings , periods , fertility , decreased excess hunger , decreased acne and improved mood and sensitised insulin levels. This product has done so much I just couldn’t live with out it. X

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Amyhogs in reply to Carly93

Thanks for your reply. How have you found your energy levels?

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Carly93 in reply to Amyhogs

I find what gives me energy is a good night time routine ,being in bed at 10pm , latest 11pm and getting at least 8hrs.

A good multi vitamin , a good fibrous low carb Mediterranean diet with high protein breakfast.

Slow weighted /Pilates /barre workouts (or hit workouts if anxiety or high blood pressure isn’t an issue for you)

(walking/yoga in menstrual phase) eating every 4 hours 2-3 meals a day + 1 snack (meals and snacks must include protein and good fats to stabilise blood sugars and energy levels , staying fuller for longer )

Going gluten free and or dairy free has been shown to help some Cysters with energy levels , fertility , periods , acne, blood sugar , inflammation and weight gain.

hope this helps x

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HannahKate1989 in reply to Carly93

What is the product you have been taking? Sounds great!

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Carly93 in reply to HannahKate1989

Hi, I’m glad you asked. It’s the most popular and recommended supplement for PCOS women. Most commonly provided by the American brand Ovasitol. Ordering Ovasitol can be very expensive , especially for people living outside the US. I found a brand called FREAK ATHLETICS , they can be found on Amazon . This brand provides Myo and D chiro inositol 40:1 at a fraction of the price. Because of the benefits ,it being a Uk product and the large difference in price i always rave about this to fellow Cysters. I recommend you give it a go . I hope it works for you as well as it works for me .x

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HannahKate1989 in reply to Carly93

Oh thanks so much - I was wondering because I was already taking so many different supplements for all my PCOS symptoms and wanted to find something which had all the ingredients including Myo in one, as I also agree it gets so expensive and was looking for cheaper alternatives!! I recently started doing more research and came across a really lovely UK brand called Yoppie and their Poly Complete Support powder. It's £25 for a month supply and it includes 4,000mg of myo as well as chromium, NAC, Zinc, B vitamins, Vitamin D and folate - I was amazed! I am one month in and loving it, they say it takes 3 months to feel the difference, but reading their reviews so many of their customers seem to be feeling the difference, such as energy levels and fewer cravings🤞 So this would work out even cheaper than Freak athletics? Maybe you should look at this too? x

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Carly93 in reply to HannahKate1989

If this is working for you that’s great . I don’t find Myo inositol alone works for me. I also don’t find such a small amount if added vitamins to work for me either. Myo and Coro 40:1 ratio is the balanced ratio you should find naturally in your body to create harmony. I’m glad you have found something that works for you

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Hi, I work with individuals who have PCOS. It is one of those things, co-commitment with other effective PCOS practices it is definitely something worth trying as the evidence is there and there are some great success stories in regards to it decreasing fasting insulin and HOMA index, testosterone may also decrease slightly too (a good thing, especially if you have classic or ovulatory PCOS). Myo/Di forms are both fine. Usual recommendation I give is to start 2x2g/day for a minimum of 6 months. Hope this helps, there are some other things that can be used concomitantly but I'd have to know where your currently at before suggesting anything further. James