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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with PCOS around 5 years ago and feel as though I have been thoroughly "left in the lurch". I was told to try and combat it with my diet. Now I am in a position where I am ready to try for a child and am bigger than ever (diet and exercise are not helping). I'm feeling quite miffed that I was never offered a prescription or something to help with this, does anyone have any tips/advice they could share on what medication they've received to help them? Thanks in advance :) x

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Ask to try Metformin, been on it for years. Not sure it helps me but everyone is different. They are not familiar with it's use for PCOS in UK but used routinely in USA. A Health Visitor told me about it. If you have facial hair problem try Vaniq

a cream, its awesome as long as you use it regularly.iGood luck


Thank you, I (luckily) don't have a problem with facial hair at the moment but I'm afraid coming off the pill will do that so I'll keep that in mind. Thanksagain


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