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Severe pms/pmdd

Hello all i suffer with severe pms and im in the process of seeing my mental health services next month. Does anyone else suffer before their periods im sure my pcos makes it worse i have a regular period but according too most recent bloods i dont ovulate and had high testosterone and low progesterone. I didnt have this issue before i had my little one three years ago but ive long had pcos and now im hypothyroid also.

Id love too treat this naturally so any supplements i could consider please tell me what they are many thanks

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I too conceived naturally but have lived with PCOS for decades. 4 years after having my last child I fell mentally unwell (2014) and although it wasn't PMT like you, I started exporing the idea that my hormone levels were responsible for my mental state (I did lots of other things too like counselling/psycotherapy etc before that).

Since I started trying to keep an eye on my hormones my mood and mental state has unbelievably flourished. I don't know if it's actually because I have something to concentrate on or if the two are linked but I would definitely advise you to look into the relationship your hormones have with your moods.

I too had high testosterone levels and low progesterone, I also have high insulin resistance because of the the testosterone and extremely low estrogen. So this past 6 months I have concentrated on the testosterone levels (as the hair is something I'm really struggling with). So I take metformin, a pop pill (progesterone only pill) and an enzyme cream (for the facial hair). But I've tried different diets too and I would really like to recommend a couple to you.

Because I've done the medication and diet thing hand in hand I can't definitely distinguish between the two but my history shows that a gluten free diet kept my weight off which bought my period on a couple of times (I don't have any periods) and affected my progesterone and estrogen levels. That is was 6 years ago with no medication.

This time round I've gone 'no added sugar' free (so I still eat natural sugars but no sweetners or refined sugar) and I think that's had a massive effect on my mood. It's also true this had a massive effect on my insulin resistence which had a massive effect on my testosterone which had a massive effect on my facial hair! So all that could be linked to mood too! But I do, honestly, think - the healthy mind came first.

Sugar free is haaaaaaaaard. But only for a little while. You have to go through a period of really bad hangovers and bad moods (about 2 weeks) but after that my mood stabalised. It didn't mean I never felt sad but it meant I wasn't on a rollar coaster with my emotions. I just felt 'normal' like I hadn't in a while.

Good luck on your journey. I really believe PCOS is about trial and error. Some things will work straight away and other times you'll have to try things at different times in your life to get them to work for you. The Gluten Free thing I did for 7 years but these last couple of years have not seen the benefits the first few did. I would say that's because PCOS is about unpredictable hormone levels, so because those levels are always changing, so must our response/diet/medication.



Nettiboo1982 how did you get on?


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