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Medroxyprogesterone acetate 10mg

My fertility doctor put me on medroxyprogesterone to regulate my periods because of my pcos.

I have taken it for 14days as told and then I should get my period.

Does anyone know or have any advice on when I will get my period or how long it will last for or if there will be any side affects?

I also have to ring the hospital to get my tubes checked once my period come :(

Thanks x

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I'm really sad no-one's been able to reply to you yet. I'm interested in this because my consultant also flagged it as a possible if I don't get on with my POP pill. All I can say is that I was offered the pill (progesterone only), minerva coil or medroxyprogesterone acetate and have opted to work my way through the suggestions on 6 month trials. I'm getting on with the POP pill for the most part however, so will have to wait and see what consultant says about trying the other options also.

Good luck in finding the answer, if it comes from elsewhere maybe you could post it here for me too!



Thanks for your comment. I havnt had an answer from any1 yet but I can say I got my period as normal about 3days after I stopped taking the medroxyprogesterone. I am now on day 5 and it's just about finished I have my xrays booked in for Thursday for my tubes as my fertility doctor wanted to check them before I get any other meds to start ovulation and also my hubby has just done another sample as his count was a little low last time but he has been off his electric tab for 3 weeks so Dr is hoping this helps. We are very worried about results as if they arnt good our only hope is ivf but fingers crossed all ok we find out 5th January. ...hoping our year is next year!

I hope your pill works for you if you do try this one all I can say is the side effects I have had have not been great ...I have pimples all over my chin and cheeks I normally get a few but defo more on this med also find am very emotional too. But it has worked and period was normal so hopefully the side effects might get better!

Many thanks good luck x

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