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Help - I feel like a man :(

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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 18 after tests because I hadnt started my periods. I'm now 29 and after managing to shift 5stone I started a regular cycle and was able to have a baby without any problems. However i still have facial hair on my cheeks and chin which i was told would go away if i lost weight... it didnt! I have tried shaving, plucking and waxing but these leave my face red and I get bad ingrown hairs. I even tried the prescription cream for just over a year with little effect. Can anyone help me as its making me feel so low and insecure. how do i get rid of my beard?!

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Hi i have the same problem with facial hair and hair on my chest i have tried everything i went to my doctors and the only thing he said was to have laser treatment which i could'nt afford so i am left with hair everywhere i know how you feel the only thing i do is shave there is a new product called nono it is like laser and you use every six weeks or if you can afford to have laser treatment then go for it the results are really good i can't afford myself good luck let me know how you get on all the best freyja12

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Been looking on line at the Nono the reviews are very varied so not too sure apparently it burns the hair at is has a heated element. Will also look into laser too. Thanks for your help and I hope you find something that's works too!

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I brought the nono and I am sorry to say I found it useless on my face, I was not impressed.

Vaniqua cream is only thing worked for me but needs to be used regularly which I never manage. Have had years of electrolysis and 2 laser treatments on NHS but no good. Doctor told me 2 treatments is no use and they do private treatments at a skin centre that they also work privately at. They take split payments and its not too expensive but I am in Yorkshire. Good luck

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VixyLou in reply to Mummygoth1

I was using vaniqua twice a day every day for a year with minimal effect. I think I'm going to have to find out more information on laser in my area. Thanks for your help!

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beck4 in reply to VixyLou

Good luck hun, I am in the same boat with my facial hair.

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I'm also having difficulty with facial hair. I've tried everything and same as you my skin is left raw and red. At the moment I'm trying an oil I bought in boots called inhibitif and hoping it might at least lighten the hair over time.

I find it really encouraging to read about your weight loss and pregnancy. Do you mind me asking how you lost the weight? Did you follow a specific diet? How long did it take?

Thanks :) x

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No I don't mind you asking at all. It took a long time as I had two pregnancies In between. No diet as such more lifestyle change. Really careful with what I eat. Still am now as if I slip weight goes straight back on so its a constant battle with food. I walk a lot too which helps keep it off. X

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Yeah I've read it's very hard losing weight when you have PCOS which may explain why I've had such difficulty over the years.

I'm newly diagnosed but my GP has literally left me to deal with it. Got married in March and came off my pill in Jan and have been trying to get pregnant but haven't had a single period. I know that loosing weight would help but it's just easier said than done. Dr doesn't want to know until I've been trying for at least a year. X

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It's hard I know and gp's don't seem to care once they have told you what you have. I think I was about 13st when a regular cycle started to happen but it was only every six weeks I conceived pretty quickly with my first. Now I'm in the 'ideal' weight range for my height etc it's an average cycle the same as everyone else. Just hard work to get to and maintain but it is possible. X

Hi hun, the only thing that has worked for me is lazer hair removal, it can be expensive, however I was having to shave my neck and face every day and having stuble more impressive than my boyfriend :(. I'm now not having to do that and kind of feel normal!!!

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Jewel1 in reply to lsc27

Hi, if you don't mind me asking when did you notice results from the stuble? Ive been getting laser done too (with not much results) but I've had really bad stuble and ingrown hairs on my face from shaving over the years and it's bringing me down so much.

Hi, I get how you feel, the first few times I had it done it would feel worse and I'd be like omg. It's probably took about 18 months


That’s so good to hear that you had a baby without any problems.

I’m currently in your position right now! I’m 18 and going to be 19 this summer but I still haven’t had a period and I have facial hair but to control that I’m getting laser done but I’m so concerned about the whole PCOS situation I want a natural period and don’t want to take medication. Did you take any supplements and how did you lose weight because I’m over weight. 🥺


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