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How long is too long without a period?

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Can I ask for some advice please?

My 18 year old daughter’s GP is adamant that she needs to be inducing a period ASAP as she’s not had a period for 5 months.

She has just been diagnosed with pcos a few weeks ago and have since been trying really hard with diet and lifestyle changes and some natural supplements to try and get period started.

Want to keep trying with this ideally but don’t want to put her at risk. GP said on Friday it’s dangerous to go this long due to womb thickening- is she best to keep going with natural route for another month or so - or just start the pill straight away?

I know you can’t give me a definite answer but any experience or thoughts would be great as she is scared now.

Thank you

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As some one that has PCOS I would say the doctor is talking rubbish! I have went a year or so with out a period and no doctor said anything other than irregular periods are a normal part of the condition! If no egg is being released which is commonly the issue, then the body won’t make a lining that needs to come away! You only take a period when an egg is released which stimulates you body to make a lining for egg to implant in. If egg is not fertilised it with then result in a period to get rid of the unfertilised egg and lining its implanted in! Taking the pill works to correct hormones but still as they change so much with this condition it can give side effects such as nausea and it won’t guarantee an egg is released monthly! Cleaning up diet and exercise really is the only way to improve side effects which I know is easier said than done as it’s a struggle to shift it but even a stone she would notice a difference! I hope this helps! Xxx

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So good to know that thank you! Pleased to report her period started this week after 5 months - diet, my ova supplements and lifestyle- so pleased! Just need to help her keep it going!

I would try acupuncture and chinese herbs, but you need to go to an expert in the fertility field. I have Pcos and now have a period every 30 days. She could also try MyOva supplements that you can find on Amazon, read the reviews! I hope it helps.

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SAM2608 in reply to FrancyItaly

She has been taking myova for 3 weeks and pleased to report that along with diet changes ( gluten free/low dairy and sugar) - period started this week! A scan of her ovaries also confirmed for this week which I guess might be helpful.

Thank you for your response- also looking at acupuncture to keep things going! X

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FrancyItaly in reply to SAM2608

Oh it’s great to hear that it helped! They say usually you need to take it for 3 months (like any other supplements) for it to work, so it’s great her period returned already. Re acupuncture, if you are based in London I can recommend someone.

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SAM2608 in reply to FrancyItaly

Ah we are in somerset but have a recommendation for someone in Bristol so fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Will encourage her to keep taking for at least 3 months in the hope things regulate- just ordered more! Hope she can return to a regular cycle x

Hello! I would be really interested in the acupuncture recommendation for London?

Hi, I’m 16 and i was diagnosed with pcos at the start of lockdown, I’ve went 9 months without a period and they have said it’s nothing to worry about, as long as she’s healthy she should be okay and try getting in touch with a doctor or referred to the hospital ( I am waiting for this)

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SAM2608 in reply to Amy_mc

Ah thank you Amy for your reply - I hope you get your referral through soon. Her period started last week thankfully and she has just got a scan tomorrow which is really lucky....I really appreciate you taking the time to reply....thank you 😊

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Amy_mc in reply to SAM2608

Hi that’s great news, I’ve just got my letter to be referred!! In the meantime the doctors prescribed me with medroxyprogesterone so I’m waiting to see if they hopefully work! It’s so scary not know the outcome x

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SAM2608 in reply to Amy_mc

Ah good luck with your referral 🤞🏻

She has now had another period - kept taking the myova supplements and has gone gluten free - who knows if those things have helped! Hope your prescription works for you x

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Amy_mc in reply to SAM2608

Awww that’s honestly so good I’m really happy for her!!!! Thank you x

I never had periods for years, I have them now in my 30s, its not going to kill her I'm sure. I told many docs along the way and nothing was done. It was only in passing mentioned this when I was updating my pill and the doc said it wasn't normal. And the time I was skinny and not very hairy, so thought I didn't have the classic symptoms. But I was diagnosed say at 25.

Taking the pill 4 Times a year is a way to help at least get a bleed.

Alpha inofic from pharamasure is also supposed to help, so if you don't mind spending £30 a month for it, it's not supposed to have side effects. They recommend it for fertility but it helps with ovulation, which is part of the natural cycle of a period. I got pregnant after a month of taking it but I also got pregnant without it, so who knows. It is the ingredient myinstol that helps.

Healthy diet and exercise, also help.

Hi. Glad she has now started. When I was in my teens I hadn’t been diagnosed with PCOS. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s early 30’s that I was. I used to go months with no period and then bleed for like two or three months really heavy! I moved GP’s was referred to gyno and was to be treated with provera. I have to take four times a year as per NICE guidance to ensure have bleeds to avoid risks of cancer in the future. They are horrible tablets to take but to protect from cancer I do it. Good luck.

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