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Hyperplasia / polycystic ovaries

ave previously been diagnosed with hyperplasia due to years of no periods but then every so often I'd suffer with menorrhagia & ive polycystic ovaries. I was initially given the merina coil and routine biopsys but after 18 months and numerous side effects and the coil keep being expelled. I no longer have the merina and my last biopsy in June has come back with benign inactive endometrium with some progestogenic effect. No evidence of hyperplasia. 

My question is though now I am not having the merina coil will the hyperplasia come back? What is everyone's experience in this situation?

Due to never having a regular menstrual cycle but when i had a period i had menorrhagia as id go years with nothing,fertility problems, depression, and then the polycystic ovaries diagnosis in 2013. I am wondering if I should just push for a hysterectomy. 

Thanks in advance. 

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What do you eat?

I ask because the hormonal imbalances of PCOS are usually related to insulin-resistance, and removing your womb may not stop problems later-on.

Try lowering your intake of foods that cause excess insulin (high Gi foods plus some anomalies such as yoghurt or baked beans), and minimise your fructose intake. Eat some natural-fat instead.


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