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Should I get a blood test done?

I have been trying to convince naturally for 2-3+ years with PCOS and irregular cycles. My last period was March 18th and I'm at cycle day 95 without a period. Going on the results of Clearblue Digital ovulation tests, I had my first peak result May 23rd. Ever since then my nipples are sensitive, CM has been creamy and my cervix is high. I took a Tesco brand pregnancy test this evening with a negative result.

Should I ask for a blood test?

If I'm not pregnant what are my options TTC?

Is IVF my next option?

I don't know what to do next I just want to start my family but it's so hard without regular cycles.

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Hi, my story is similar with your story. i tried to conceive naturally one and half year. no luck after that been to doctor . I was diagnosis with pcos . I'm 29 and thin. I did not have any idea about pcos and doctor also didnt explain me about pcos. they just advise us to go through ivf cause my husband has low spream Count. i tried but no luck. ivf is painful and emotional cycle. i have been try two times and both cycle was faild. after that i try to do some reserach about infertility and now about pcos. Im taking vitex and maca supplement but not sure its helping me or not.

about your case you can wait few days and take PG test Again. still negative and no perriod visit your doc.


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