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Tips for getting diagnosed


It was suggested during a scan that I was borderline whether i have PCOS. I'm trying for a baby and although I have endometriosis it should not affect my fertility and I'm wondering if I do have PCOS and this is not helping. We've only been trying for 5 months but each month I get more sick with the endo so really want to maximize my chances and not knowing if I have this is stressing me out. When I went to the GP they told me they wouldn't test me as even if I had it they wouldn't do anything as only a fertility clinic would do this is this true? The doctor I saw is quite old fashioned and I'm wondering if its worth trying another doctor at the surgery and pushing the issue.

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Hi Robo22,

Hope you're well! I noticed that your post didn't get a reply- this community is still developing and becoming more active. If you've had any developments and new information, it would be really great if you posted about it here:https://healthunlocked.com/write/verity-pcos.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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