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PCOS and Fertility


I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with conceiving / trying to conceive with PCOS.

We have been trying to conceive for a few months, and although it hasn't been massively long (6months). I'm starting to slowly blame my PCOS rather than it just being one of those things that takes time. I know it doesn't always effect fertility, so I started out quite positive but slowly slipping into negatives and worrying that I'm going to have to go down the route of getting help.

Any feedback on experiences would be appreciated! Thank you!

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How are you checking to see if you are ovulating ? A period doesnt mean that you are sadly and you can ovulate without a period. Also a 1/3 of fertility issues are now men so make sure your partner's diet is really good too.

As you have a known fertility issue you can be referred after 6 months.


HeyHols. Thanks for replying 🙂

Yeah my doctor said to go back at 9 months, and my husband to go back a month before that to get tested. Just trying not to rush into that and see if it can happen naturally! Doctors as always have not been too helpful in regards to my chances of getting pregnant naturally..just said not to use ovulation kits and "see how it goes".

I have a feeling I'm not ovulating as not getting any symptoms. Tried to track temp but found it very confusing 😩


Ovulation kits rarely work, temping is the best way and most accurate but I am not surprised you found it confusing. I didnt know about temping when I was TTC. It may be worth asking to get your partner checked sooner rather than later and as Ruby says get referred as the wait can be 6 months or more anyway, you may well conceive in that time anyway. It is extremely rare not to conceive just because of pcos, the normal for non pcos couples is 1-2 years to conceive anyway. Dont have sex more than every other day otherwise the sperm isnt mature enough to reach the egg.


I have been trying to conceive for a year but saw my gp after 8 months as I was barely having periods. I got referred to a gynocologist by my Gp who suspected pcos ( I had an unltrasound and blood tests). The gynocologist recommended my partner go for semen analysis and we have been referred to a fertility clinic who will analyse both our test results and make a recommendation based on it. Part of me felt I was being impatient but now I'm glad I got checked and we are moving forward. I would recommend seeing your gp. They worst they can say is keep trying and go back a few months later but at least you will know where you stand xx


Thank you 🙂

Yeah I'll go back at the 8 month mark and my husband is going to go get a semen analysis.

Just feel a bit rotten today as everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant at the drop of the hat!

I'm sure it'll be fine. Just a little worried about having to get help and stuff...like you say, at least things are getting done! Good news is my doc says they won't need to test me again due to my results after my PCOS diagnosis. If I go back I'll just get referred straight away once the hubby has done his test. 🙂


I'm having a rotten day too. It's hard to keeping my emotions in tact and not getting angry and upset when you are secretly having a harder time than some. Good luck 🍀 xx


I know exactly how you feel x and thank you x you too


TTC for me was the worst time in my life - it took 3 years to conceive Noah (who is now 11), we only have one as I couldn't do it all again (tried naturally for 6 months but nothing happened).

You will get their in the end, you just need the patience of a saint, which is useful when you do have your little one :-)

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Thanks for the reply ladies it's really helped 🙂it's just hit home this week as my close friend took too months ttc and got pregnant and my best friend told me this week she is now trying but didn't Want to tell me as she was worried about telling me as she didn't want to upset me if it happens for her quickly. Which made me sad.

I'll wait another month then get the hubby checked out. Thanks a lot!! Xx

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Not yet although I want to start trying at Christmas time. I have just had FSH and LH levels taken on day four of my cycle. The other thing is if it takes me a year or longer some midwife will just ignore me anyway


Hi there. I conceived within three weeks of trying. As I was told I'd never have children, myself and my husband decided to try anyway, but I was quite relaxed about it. Before trying though I changed my diet slightly (there are good books out there with specific diets for PCOS sufferers), lost a bit of weight and started taking folic acid. I came off the pill at the beginning of September and found out I was pregnant only a few weeks later. Due to another condition I have, I cannot have any more children, but unlike so many out there, I was lucky enough to not have any miscarriages!

I would say the key to having the best chance of conceiving is for yourself and your partner to eat healthily, stay away from alcohol and for you to take folic acid etc to give your body the best chance possible. I think for me it helped to have a calm and relaxed attitude to it all too.

Hope everything works out for you! Sending positive vibes your way xx


Thank you! 😊

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I was told I had PCOS when I was 16.

I've had two children since. They are now 9 and 10.

Doctors don't always have your best interest at heart.

Please research these things for yourself. You can take them with your partner but there is a maca root for men and one for women. fenugreek is for women only. Blackseed oil is universal. These will without a doubt increase fertility.

Don't just take my word for it though. Look at the evidence for yourself.

Things are:

Blackseed oil.

Maca root.


I use to only have my periods twice a year.

I took the three things above and my period came the night of the second day of taking.

I didn't believe it at first so I waited for my body to have a period but nothing for 3 months so I took the three things again and second day of taking period came.

So basically start your baby making the day before you take it then through out the the week hopefully if you time it rite you will get what your asking for.

Remember to eat healthy and have smoothies and a natural intake of vitamins.

Good luck all. Stay blessed.

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Hi Lovelylady0028

I am looking to take the 3 you have mentioned above as it's natural and I am struggling with weightloss as well as fertility due to PCOS.

The doctor has refused to do anything with me in terms of fertility treatments until i lose some significant weight - which I'm finding impossible! I have put on 12kg in the last 3 months since I've stopped taking the pill, it's awful!

Are you able to tell me how you take the Blackseed Oil, Fenugreek and Maca root? Are these pills or seeds etc and how often do you take them / what time of the day etc?

Hope you can help!



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