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I'm Jordan and I'm 23 and suffer from both PCOS and Endometriosis. I was diagnosed with PCOS at about 16/17 and officially diagnosed with endometriosis in march of last year. I've had 2 laparoscopys to date, including what feels like hundreds of thousands of internal and external scans, and recently a cystoscopy.

As I've got older my symptoms have got so much worse. Especially in the past 6 months. It completely dominates my life.

In less than a year I've put on over 2 stone- which is ridiculous considering I don't even eat unhealthily and do moderate exercise and walking.

All I seem to do is put weight on constantly- to the point where I cant even wear any jeans at all. The bloating makes everything worse so I'm living in elasticated waist trousers.

I went to my gp and asked for some help or advice as I feel like even with calorie counting and exercise it's not making any difference and asked about metaformin but nothing materialised from it. I'm so unhappy. I'm due to see my gynecologist on Tuesday in regard's to considering another surgery and am going to obviously ask for some help and advice too but is there anything any of you have tried that has made any difference?

It feels like a vicious circle of being ill all the time, putting on weight, aggravating symptoms and such. I'm on anti-depressants which take the edge of feeling so hopeless but I just really want to try to make a difference as my confidence is dropping. I've gone from being slim with only a little chubby belly to having full on rolls of fat and people around me including family have started to make comments.

What on earth can I do?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :(



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What treatment are you having for pcos, and what are they doing about your endometriosis? You will have pcos for life but you don't have to live with endometriosis as it can be removed.


Hi, I don't think having PCOS for life is a given. Each person seems to differ. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 18 and had periods roughly every six months (if I was lucky) until my first born at 23. I then continued to have intermittent periods until I was into my mid-30s. I now have a perfectly normal menstrual cycle and am in my early 40s, so although I have polycysistic ovaries I no-longer have the syndrome. I'm sure others

have experienced this too. In terms of treatment, I took clomiphene to get pregnant, which worked well.

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I am the exact same way. The weight gain is really getting me down and reducing the self-esteem I have left after the skin problems. I can't have metformin because I am not overweight, but I keep putting it on despite what I do. Let me know how you're getting on! :(


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