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yesterday's biopsy

Well I survived the nasal examination and biopsy yesterday! Was a bit sore afterwards, but not as bad as previous time. Still getting headache, but was getting them already.Still a bit weary from anaesthetic. Surgeon said not cancer but since I've already had WG diagnosis, not sure what to make of that. Next vasculitis clinic not until 5th April, so don't know if I'll hear any more until then. Not sure how soon I'll be able to resume nasal spray and saline washing, as I guess it's all a bit too raw at present. Seeing practice nurse tomorrow, so will see what she has to say about it.

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Glad to hear it went well. Never pleasant, these procedures, but now it's over and you will get definite news on what was confirmed as well as what was ruled out when you go to your next clinic appointment. Well done, and let us know how things go.



I guess I was more worried than I needed to be. The first one left me with a very sore throat, and a bruised face and black eye, but thankfully I didn't get those this time.


Nose cleaned up and re-dressed-not as neatly as I can do it myself, even though the nurse used my own cut-outs! However she did give me some alternative types of dressing to try out and a further supply of gauze. i guess I'm back to doing my own thing again tomorrow, including nasal spray and saline washing.


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