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Has anyone had a nasal biopsy because of their vasculitis?

I don't think I've had any biopsy of any sort as a helping confirmation of my GPA vasculitis diagnosis feb 2013. (I think the fact i had every other symptom mentioned was enough) I had a camera stuck up my nose and ent said my left nasal is sore and that as my consultant wants a biopsy to be sure it's best to do so. I still get blood every so often and sometimes dry clots in large pieces.

I guess I'm just a bit scared of the procedure....he said it can either be done under local anesthetic or be put under.

If you have done it under local was it painful? And what actually happens.


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I had one done under GA in 1992 whilst they did a throat one. That's when my WG/GPA was diagnosed. I recently had the camera up to check my nose and vocal chords and they were fine. the original biopsy was a little uncomfortable , but not bad.




I have had a nasal biopsy. It only takes a few minutes to carry out.first the inside of your nose is frozen .(cotton balls soaked in ? Waited 5 mins then doctor put a small plastic shaped horn inside. This opens nose enough for him to get biopsy. Then nose is packed with cotton wool.waited 10 mins cotton wool out, then sent home.yes it was a wee bit uncomfortable. Result back negative in 1 week. When they are trying to sort out vasculitis. Just do it .they know what they are doing.I was diagnosed in2008. Now in remission for over a year. It's was mpa.


I had mine done under general anaesthetic as I was having a throat biopsy and an ear grommet fitted at the same time but post operative discomfort was an absolute minimum. I was just told not to blow my nose hard for a couple of weeks. The biopsies proved well worth while as I got a definitive diagnosis after 6 months of not knowing. Healthy wishes.


Hi, I had the nasal biopsy back in 2007, to help diagnose my EGPA (Churg Strauss vasculitis). 1st step nasal spray to anaesthetise it. Bitter taste, that's all. 2nd step widget poked up nose - camera and biopsy tool all-in-one. 3rd step biopsy area identified and a little bit snipped out to send to lab. 4th step a fair bit of nose bleed, but not too much, it's only a little sample, a bit sore but soon got over it. Blood in my snot for a day or so. Final step - they found eosinophils had extravasated (i.e. got outside the blood vessels) and were creating granulomas in my sinus tissue which is a good indicator of EGPA to help confirm the diagnosis. Thence to the necessary treatments for same...

My EGPA started after lots of exposure to laser printer nanoparticles and mouldy conditions in my workplace, a comp school in Saltash, Cornwall. All good sinus irritants. Hence the look up the nose!

All in all, the procedure felt more invasive than painful, the pain no more worse than say a snowball in your face. Local is safer than being put under and that's what I'd go for, for that reason. They did have draft in a couple of helpers to keep me still while they did it though as they need you to keep still - no wriggling at the vital moment - so if you haven't had it done yet, bear that in mind!

Good luck with it, and more importantly, with fighting your illness.



I've had two within the space of 3mths. I had my 2nd on Christmas eve under General anthesthethic. I was out by 3pm and I was up at 6am the next day opening presents with my kids. The only adverse reaction was to our open fire in the living room. It was worth doing because it confirmed what my Dr. needed.


seems like best thing to do is under general anesthatic.....i have this crazy idea in my head that i wont wake up if i get put under - after everything im still scared of it. i will tolerate the pain i had the camera up my nose last friday and as youve all mentioned it was uncomfortable and invasive more than painful if anything.

thanks all.

consultant i was referred to said it would be sometime this month.

should I be considering taking someone with me - in terms of taking journey back home and feeling a bit woozy?


Just letting you know most hospitals won't discharge you if you've not getting collected by friend/family or you'll need to arrange a taxi. I also needed to confirm I had someone with me 24hrs following. Please check with your Dr. Hope all goes well.


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