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In the past year,since diagnosis,i have had lumps/cysts appear.6 in total,my foot,legs,side.I did read somewhere that you can get vasculitic cysts,is this right? Anyone else have them?

Also, i keep coming out in spots.Red angry spots,with a white head.Never suffered with spots before,not even as a teen. And when they are gone , they leave a purple scar. Any clues?

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Hiya yes ive been getting these on my elbows whenever im going through a flare up! They're very stubborn not like most spots which you can burst, it's the immune complexes which pile up at the inflamed sites. I've never had spots either not even in my teens always had good skin until now with the lumps on elbows. However, once I was given cyclophosphamide and methylpred pulses, they started to disappear but some of the lumpy bits still remain unfortunately!


Hiya. Yes I too experience strange little raised spots on my chest, legs and arms. They look like a bite, they only remain for about an hour but when they have gone they leave a small purple blood like area behind.

I can go many months without them happening and then suddenly they start up again !! I also get painful lumps on the underside of my arms and my lower legs, they seem to disappear with massage, but are very painful to the touch and seem to cause joint pains in the affected area.

Had been told it is all to do with the inflammation within the blood vessels.


I have been suffering with acne spots since becoming ill, I didn't get them as a teen either. I keep a pack of cleansing facial wipes handy, that seems to keep them to a minimum :-) I also had the raised sore spots on my elbows, they've healed now but have left nasty scars. I have purple scars on my legs too from bizarre spots. One thing that worried me initially was insect bites, I now get quite bad reactions to those with big bad bruises around them. My rheumatologist said that was quite normal in my situation due to my 'compromised immune system', it will take me a lot longer to recover from a bite. Typically about a month for me!


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