Does anyone have or has had multiple cysts in various organs?

I have cysts in my kidney, pancreas and liver. I think they are mainly simple cysts but the fact that there are a number of them bother me. It is common to have one or two simple cysts in the kidney and/or liver as you get older but to have so many. I am not sure how long I have had them but as I am now on a very low dose of prednisolone, I was wondering if there was any conection? Has anyone else experienced this and is it due to inflammation and or vasculitis/connective tissue disease? I have in the past had abcesses/cysts in my lungs, which was attributed to the vasculitis.

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  • I have Liver Cysts which I am told are congenital I have also had multiple cysts on my ovaries and have an arachnoid cyst on my pituitary gland I have never been told that they are connected to vasculitis connective tissue disease or raynauds Iv'e never thought about them could be connected always assumed they were just there!!

  • I will probably just have to live with them being there too.

    Many thanks.


  • I have multiple ovarian cysts but don't think I can attribute this to the vasculitis or meds. In the dim and distant past I had small cysts removed from the back of my neck and my lower lip. I seem to grow lumps easily!

    However, more seriously, my sister had benign tumours (are these related to cysts?) on a variety of organs - pituitary gland, pancreas, parathyroids, etc., so I am begining to wonder if there is some sort of genetic predisposition?


  • Ok thanks Ayla. It has been suggested that it is genetic but to my knowledge nobody in my family has ever had anything like this. I suppose I am clutching at straws to suggest that vascuitis might be the cause.


  • Since being diagnosed with WG just over two years ago I have developed a number of small cysts most of them small on my skin. Not sure if its connected to the disease or medication. I am on pred and mmf plus all the meds that accompany these.

  • Thank you for your answer. I have been to the rheumatologist today and she has said that it is not unreasonable to think that there maybe some link with my autimmune condition. However, she cannot say it with certainty. The cysts remain a mystery but I thought it was worth asking the question.


  • Hi! I have cysts on my ovaries, brain, and kidneys. I have undiagnosed health problems that the drs are trying to figure out at this point, but are definitely related in part to my pituitary gland and possibly related to an autoimmune condition according to my bloodwork so the cysts MIGHT be a cause of either of those? Because the reason for the cysts has not yet been determined either. I am also experiencing a highly elevated CEA level of consistently between 16.2 and 20.5 (or 162 and 205 by the other measurement) that they are trying to find if it might be cancer but my insurance won't pay for a PET scan. Hope that info helps!


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