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Painkillers? Any suggestions?

Hi, I would like to know what painkiller works best. I am currently on Predisolone, Cellcept and Methotrexate. I thought I was getting better, but then I notice about 3 new flare ups on my feet. Which instantly got me depress. It is really difficult to deal with the pain when I'm at work. Its really hard, I was taking pethidine. But it tends to get me woosy at work and spaced out, lol. To think after 6 years with Vasculitis, I would be able to cope. I've been on and off medication. This year got a 2 month remission, now I am back to square one. Sigh! Sorry if I sound depress.

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Hi Hanna, I was told to take paracetamol for pain relief when I was geting pain in my feet and hands but you may want to check it out with your Consultant or GP to make sure what would be best for you and your medication.

Don't worrry about sounding depressed sweetheart. I am sure most, if not all, of us on this website have felt exactly the same at some point in the Vasculitis journey we are on at present. I know I certainly have and it certainly isn't an easy condition to live with most of the time is it?

Hang on in there and take goof care of yourself :-) xx


Ok will try it. And thanks, its always comforting to know it have people out there who knows what you go through. Hope you're doing good :) Take care


Hi Hanna,

I am on Pregabalin (also known as Lyrica) full time which is a partial nerve blocker. When i get bad pains in my feet or elsewhere I take co-codamol. When it is really bad Zomorph (slow release Morphine) or Oramorph which is faster acting. Zomorph wake some people drowsy, but it depends on the dose taken. A reasonable dose at night will give me a fair nights sleep.

But as Jacqui says, see your GP &/or Consultant for some appropriate pain killing Meds.

Good luck and keep well


I take Duloxetine (Gabapentin and Pregabalin didn't work for me) for tension headache and Tramadol for back pain. Duloxetine was hard to adjust to (nausea). Tramadol does leave you a little 'drowsy'. (My dog takes Tramadol for arthritic pain ..... his back end doesn't always follow his front end!)


Thanks Guys for all your suggestions, would consult my doctor!


I take low doses of amitriptiline at night. As a high dose it is an antidepressant but a low dose relaxes the muscles. I take it about 7.30pm and it really helps me sleep at night


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