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Diet Suggestions for WG?


Hi everyone,

Would anyone be able to suggest good diet information i should be looking at having been diagnosed with WG? I had been told to reduce protein intake? I would be very grateful for any advice?

Thank you very much everyone

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I think the low protein and low salt diet is advised if your kidneys are badly affected, Richard. Kidney failure Stage 4 or 5, if I remember rightly. Not sure I have ever heard mentioned any other special dietary advice, though, obviously a healthy one with some dairy, little sugar, low carbohydrates, plenty of fruit and veg (go carefully with fruit as they contain lots of sugar) and high quality protein would benefit all of us, I think. Some recommend raw veg salads to maximise nutritional input.

It is also important to boost iron levels as these can be adversely affected with vasculitis, especially if you have kidney problems. I use the Spa Tone iron water sachets (available at Boots) which keep iron levels boosted if you take a sachet daily.

Perhaps worth asking your specialist about this? At my renal clinic, everyone is offered at least one dietary assessment and advice session, more if it is needed or you request it.


lisa-ranyellVasculitis UK

There is no specified diet for Vasculitis but i would say that if you have been advised to eat less protein then ideally I would stick to lean white meat (like chicken), fish and eggs for your protein. Carbs are fine but ideally try to make them whole grain, brown pasta, brown bread, brown rice etc, and of course lots of veg, I agree with Ayla not to overdo the fruit.

There is definitely some thought amongst nutritionists that refined sugar and saturated fat cause inflammation in the body so ideally stick to low fat, low sugar. Also you no doubt have lots of meds to take, so to help your kidneys flush out he toxins, drink as much water as you can on a daily basis.

Right that was the nutritionist in me talking, this is me personally, you have a lot to deal with getting to grips with this illness, so yes eat healthily as much as possible, but treat yourself as well, you will deserve it!

If I can help any further please inbox me, take care.

I saw a nutritionist when I was in hospital. She said to eat 1mg of protein per kg of body weight per day. So if you weigh 70 kg, eat 70 mg protein. That includes all meat, fish, milk, cheese, yoghurts etc., so it is not a lot! She gave me lots of info on how much protein each food type contains. Also, minimise salt intake. How badly are your kidneys affected? Can your hospital provide a nutritionist to guide you? S


If you are on a high dose of pred you will no doubt have noted you have a raging appetite. I know when I started my pred last year I swung rapidly from little or no appetite to even finding the dog's dinner looking appetizing. I was told to try to stick with a good balanced diet. I kept of the hunger pangs bay by having some sticks of carrot and celery on the ready, along with a humus dip. Hope all goes well with your treatment.



Just remembered a useful book for all with Inflammatory conditions and those wishing to avoid them. American, so you have to cope with translating some ingredients into English substitutes but basically good, with recipes included. Title - The Inflammation Free Diet Plan by Monica Reinagel with Julius Torelli M.D. Available through Amazon if anyone wants to give it a try!


Thank you all again for your help and advice, i am going to ask to see someone as i am finding it all too much with so many medications and not knowing what to do for the best, of course a healthy diet is the right way forward i guess its an area i need to learn a bit more about having been fortunate until now not having to worry.

The best iron supplements I take that do not constipate or upset me in any way are BlackStrap Molasses capsules. You can get liquid as well but these are Natural derivatives from making white sugar. Each capsule contains 29 mg of ferrous fumerate and does not give a sick feeling

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