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Feeling so much better

It is 3.5 years since I was hospitalised for vasculitis WG. I Ifinished all medication 9 months ago, apart from calcium as I have osteopenia. Apart from the usual reactions to the medication and overwhelming fatigue at times, I have felt as though everything was a great effort, as though I couldn't be bothered to do anything thoroughly and only tackling the essential jobs such as shopping and cooking. Was I just lazy, I often asked myself,or was it the illness?

I am writig this blog because I feel so much better-- I am being quite imaginative again in my food preparation, I am initiating activities. My mind is clearer-- I am more me! Though I have become more selfish, I think ,as I realize that I have the responsibility for my own health. Not a bad thing! The only thing is, I cannot walk as far as I did when on steroids, but otherwise-----!

I know many people have a much worse experience than I have had-- but I feel that this blog may give some people hope. I know I am at this point today and anything may happen in the future-- but I am enjoying today! So take heart if you are still on the journey!

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It all sounds very positive to me... :-) so pleased you are feeling so much better!!

take care of yourself :-)

Susan x


Really great to hear such a positive message for us that are still making our journey into remission.



Hi Mags

It is fantastic to hear good news. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. What you describe is what lots of us have gone through, and lots are still going through. I'm sure that many members will be cheered to know that it does get better - and it does. Sometimes though it just takes rather a long time.

Take care and keep well. Enjoy all the things that were just too much trouble at one time. Don't over-do it though. "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better".



Thanks for your support. I should add that origanlly I had kidney failure and was only just caught in time so that I have not had to have dialysis. Also have had very bad back-ache for about a year-- so it has not always been an easy journey.


Wow! What an inspiration you are!

I too have been in the "near dialysis" situation, very scary, and I too was just caught in time. Along with my other "woes", life hasn't all been plain sailing.

However none of our journeys ever finish without some "battle scars" accrued along the way.

Keep the faith everyone! Mags is living proof you CAN get better! Yea! :-)


i did have renal failure and i am having to go to dialysis 3 times per week,think yourselves as being very lucky. but i am still alive and leading a fairly reasonable life, the wg is inactive and i feel sure it will not come back, fingers crossed. my only annoyance is that i love going on courses and a lot of the time i cannot go because they run on the day of dialysis anyway one day i might get a transplant love to you all


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