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someone please help me to know more

Would love to hear from someone who has had same symptoms, started with a blood like rash on palms of hands and pins and needles, also my nose broke out in lesions, then next day my feet went numb and rash on legs, I now two weeks later have pain in my legs and weakness and also I feel breathless. I have been told I have vasculitis but am none the wiser and off work which is worrying me as I do not feel well enough to go back. if anyone had the same thing please let me know as the doctor does not say too much. I would love to hear from someone with same sort of thing and know if this will go altogether. thank you

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hi leah, have you seen a consultant? if not, please ask for a referral.

if you go to , you will find a lot of information, including the "route map to vasculitis" book, which you can download.

please come back on and ask any questions you may have. sometimes it can be a bit quiet, but you will get a reply.


hamble :)


Thank you kindly,


Hi Leah,

I had rashes on my legs and palms of my hands which were insanely itchy, before I was diagnosed. Also both my calves seized up (a Dr. Said I was having "stiff" muscles! Hah!)


Oh nooo! Only half of my reply has been posted!!??

Leah, please PM me and I'll try and re-tell you what I was trying to say!


Hi ya thank you for responding, tell me more did you have any other symptoms and has it gone now, as for stiff muscles well that's crazy, did you go on steroids?


Can we ask where are you getting your treatment and who said you have vasculitis Leah? If you would prefer to contact John by email please do he will try and help with some advice.



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