tens for pain relief

Has anybody tried usinga tens machine for pain relief I have just had an x ray o n my lower back which did not show anything , But I am in real pain I have cervical spodylosis and the consultants advice was to take paracetamol which dont really cut it or occasional co codamol but if i take more than a couple of doses of paracetamol I get bowel problems am feeling really stressed and miserable as am in constant pain

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  • Hi Kath

    I haven't used a tens machine, but a few years before the WG was diagnosed I was diagnosed with spondylosis and was in agony for months. Nothing worked - meds, physio, neck collar. A friend told me about "Medicur" from Snowden Heathcare. I read it up and thought this was a load of rubbish and that it couldn't possibly work. However, when you are in pain you try anything and I bought one. It isn't cheap but within a few weeks I was feeling back to normal. Mind over matter? Who knows, who cares. For me it worked.


    Hope that helps.


  • I have used a tens machine. I have a C4 disc dislodged in my neck. Not bad enough for an op but can cause me some grief. When I first had the pain 20 years ago I was off work for a while and pain killers did nothing. The left side of my body, especially arm and fingers were affected. I used a tens machine for a year and I found it very helpful.


  • What about trying acupuncture ? or ask your GP to send you to a Pain Clinic? I found it good but it is a fairly temporary thing and does not last for ever. I did not get on with tens machine really but everyone is different.

    Susan if you have problem with your cervical discs I have something called a neck traction machine - so when it becomes too much it gently lifts your discs off the nerves and what relief it can gives - temporary but worth it.

  • I went to a Pain Management Clinic at Derriford Hospital here in Plymouth. I have WG and suffered a stroke which left me in constant pain down the left side. They suggested that perhaps my brain may have become used to feeling the pain and that a TENS machine my help to disrupt this. It cost me about £40, since the local health authority doesn't supply them free.

    It is a strange, difficult-to-describe, feeling. Very much like the pain I suffer already [I think that was the point] and gives the brain another stimulus to deal with. In my case, it hasn't made the pain stop or diminish. Having said that, when the pain really starts to get on top of me, I do use it and I find it helps.

  • Hi Ziggy

    I tried acupuncture. After some visits I thought I was feeling a bit better, but it didn't last. In the end I packed it in. Had some physio. Again sometimes felt it was doing me good, then other times I felt worse after the session that I did before. Never been to a pain clinic so can't comment on that. One of those wheat pads you heat in the microwave gave me a little relief at times.


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