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What do people with CSS take for severe toothache?

I have severe toothache and have been told to take an inflammatory medicine such as neurophen by the dentist. Although I have CSS and am not supposed to take it due to risk of it bringing on asthma. Does anyone have a suggestion what I could take as paracetamol isn't very stong? Does anyone with CSS take ibroprophen anyway to control pain?

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Certainly the use of NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen is contraindicated in asthma cases. You could try a paracetamol/codeine combination such as Co-Codamol or Paracodol. I hope your dentist is gong to deal with this properly very soon. John


Thnk you John. My dentist thinks I have a wisdom tooth growing horizontally into the other back teeth which is causing his pain. He has suggested I take neurofen or something similar for a few days to see if it settles -and I'm due to go back for full X-ray on Friday. He says people regularly have this problem nd that it usually subsides. Butt i find it really painful,


Hi Katie18,

The Co-Codamol you can buy over the counter isn't very strong, the maximum amount of codeine in it is 10mg. The formulary for dentists is very limited, the only analgesia they can prescribe is paracetamol and NSAID'S ( in Scotland anyway! ).

When I had a really bad bout of toothache secondary to an abscess my GP kindly prescribed me stronger painkillers to take until the antibiotics kicked in. It might be worthwhile asking them as you can't take Ibuprofen etc.

You have my sympathy, dental pain is misery.

Best Wishes


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My GP prescribed me a stronger dose of co-codamol - 30mg instead of the usual 10mg - until antibiotics kicked in when I had a recent abscess. Also took naprosyn which is an anti-inflammatory I take when my joints gets painful.

I can't take ibuprofen (including nurofen) as I can't breath at all when I take it. Beware some over the counter painkillers are now a mix and can contain small doses of ibuprofen.

I found a hot water bottle, or heated bean/wheat bag held against the affected side of my face helped too.

I hope your tooth is sorted quickly!



thank you both. i do have some stronger co-codimol i could take even if its just at night i could give it a try.


I suffer badly from toothache in the cold weather becasue of my WG apparently my sensors are close to the nerves in my wisdom teeth and have been norrowed when WG was in full swing. I tend to keep my face warm scarf over the mouth in cold conditions and take Co-Codamol. If I haven't got any it's the usual paracetamol and NSAID'S


thanks Haggiss I will give it a go


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