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I have these red spots on my legs every time I have long flights. Lately, it became horrendous since they appeared again when I wore tight jeans. I went to an internal medicine doctor who referred me to a Dermatologist and Rheumatologist. The Rheumatologist doctor did not pay attention to me as he was the medical director of the hospital and busy. He just ordered lab investigations every now and then. How many blood investigations he will order before he will pay attention to it. I went to a dermatologist and she saw the red spots. All my laboratory results: CBC, COagulation, ESR, Hepa Profile, Chemistry, Urinalysis,Chest X-ray, Liver Enzymes were normal. Only D-Dimer was high and Vit D was low. She diagnosed me of Cutaneous Vasculitis. Prescribed steroids and colchicine. It was effective. But when she stopped they started to pop up again whenever I stand and sit longer for a period of time. These past few days I am worried since I have kids. Is there any natural remedy for this?

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Have you been in touch with the vasculitis helpline they may be able to suggest another consultant/ further advice for you. The vasculitis web site is worth a look as well.

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Really? This telemedecine. Actually I tried, one Rheumatologist Consultant asked for blood investigations especially the platelets. He was suspecting ITP. I took the blood investigations and my CbC were okay. I did not reply to him afterthat.

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