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Second Rituximab Infusion

Hi, after my last post I was seen by my consultant last Thursday and the second MRI results were pretty much identical to the first MRI. So it was decided I have a neck ultrasound to have a closer look at my carotid artery. I had the ultrasound done yesterday morning and the sonologist said there was slight narrowing but he wasn't too concerned and explained he'd speak to his team about it. After the ultrasound I had my second infusion, although it was half the dose this time. I asked the staff on ward why this was but it seemed no one had a clear answer and I was told "that's just what it says on the infusion rate sheet." I have a follow up appointment with my consultant on 22 Jan to see how I'm responding to the treatment. So far my brain fog seems to have improved somewhat but I still experience heart pounding regularly.

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