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Medication after Rituximab

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My OH is due for his second infusion following a relapse of his GPA. He was diagnosed 3 years ago and went into remission quickly after chemo infusions x 6.

My question is does he also have an oral immune suppressant following this infusion. He presently takes 100mgs AZA and is on 30 mgs prednisone due to relapse.

People seem to be on various regimes and I was just wondering how the consultants decide. He will be attending again in 6 months time for a further infusion.

11 Replies
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My husband is on 6 mthly infusions of Rituximab, no other immunosuppressant, still on the reducing steroids and other meds for other things.

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Main1234 in reply to Nadine99

Thank you for your quick response. Hope you are managing to stay well and safe

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I didn’t have any other immune suppression just the reducing dose of steroids. I hope the rituximab kicks in quickly for your other half.

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Main1234 in reply to Mooka

Thank you

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Hi, I had a relapse in April this year, I was diagnosed last May. I had 9 sessions of cyclophosphamide and prednisolone until November. Then 200mg azathioprine and 20mg pred I had the relapse April and had to wait because of covid until June to get rituzimab. After the rituxamab I am still on 200mg azathioprine, 15mg pred and 100mg dapsone daily. The rituxamab reduced my CRP and ESR levels down from 70 and 50 to 20's.. All the best

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Main1234 in reply to louise112

It seems everyone is different, hope you are on the way to drug induced remission

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Hi Main 1234

In my case I started rituximab after other immune suppressants were just not effective enough, I was on mycophenolate for some years but it never really got on top of my symptoms. Rituximab has taken its time to work but as a result I have managed to really reduce my steroids down which I know seems to be the goal for us all and our specialists are keen for us to be on the lowest dose of prednisolone as possible.

I do hope it’s effective for your OH, for me it’s been hugely beneficial .


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Main1234 in reply to Jenny14

Thank you for taking the time to reply really glad it’s working for you .

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Red-head44 in reply to Jenny14

Hi Jenny

I'm a Jenny too! Can I ask what amount of steroids you have managed to get down to after RTX - I'm down to 6mg and have had second dose of TRX three weeks ago.

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Hi Main1234 , it is different for everyone, based on an individuals bloods, reactions to medication, symptoms etc.

We always ask the consultant for probable, expected or hopeful outcomes and/or issues. This just helps us know as much as we can when there are no definite answers.

Wishing your OH well! ☺️

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Main1234 in reply to Cloe

Good tip thank you

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