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EMA Accepts Conditional Application for ANCA Treatment Avacopan

I suffer from MPA and am currently on my third year of 6 monthly infusions of Rituximab + Prednisolone after an unsuccessful year of Cyclophosphamide. This keeps the worst of my symptoms largely at bay though they still grumble away in the background.

Does anyone know if Avacopan, when/if approved, may be suitable for treatment of MPA and a possibility to look forward to?

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There is a clinical trial at the moment ( sorry can't remember the name of it ) to compare avacopan with prednisolone in newly diagnosed ANCA associated Vasculitis.

It's hoped it will be as effective as prednisolone but with less side effects.


I'm in the avacopan trial (ADVOCATE) and you might be eligible to participate if you have a relapse, like I did. There's more details here advocateclinicaltrial.com/#...

As already said, it's for ANCA associated vasculitis so includes MPA I assume.

It is a bit weird being on the trial as I don't know if I'm taking avacopan or prednisolone. I've had 4 Rituximab infusion and I've experienced some improvements but it's a slow business. If I am on avacopan it certainly hasn't had any miracle effects!


Thank you for the replies. I will ask at my next clinic appointment if I could be useful for this trial.

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