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Wegener's GPA and Nasal Discharge Changes

Since becoming ill last year, my nasal discharge because milky white, opaque and thick. I have allergies so have good amount of nasal discharge down my throat, especially when sleeping. The change in thickness of the thickness of the discharge has made it so it feels like I'm choking or can't breath properly when it builds up in the back of my throat.

Have gone thru antibiotics in case there was an infection but it didn't help.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Did you find out what caused the changes or how to resolve?

About me: located in the US (Northern Virginia), diagnosed last December. Still working with my doctors to get my vasculitis into remission.

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Hi Marcia. I am having very similar problems as you since I had a flare up of this GPA again starting in Mar/April this year -seemed to start with what I thought was a chest infection, then very painful swollen joints followed by same problems as you with my nose and sinuses (sometimes the choking feeling can make speech difficult). I have been given two infusions of Ritiximab in July as well as being put back on prednisolone and but am still suffering somewhat with my sinuses. I have been told the medication can take up to three months to kick in so am hoping that everything may settle down again soon. I hope they soon get yours under control and into remission too. I am just wondering, was your hearing affected? Mine was affected badly before I was diagnosed in 2014 and have lost a lot of my hearing in both ears, now having to rely on hearing aids.

Incidentally, I'm in South Wales, U.K. Please keep me posted. Ann.


Hi Ann

No, I didn't have any hearing loss or any problems at all thus far with my hearing.

The ENT I saw about nasal discharge didn't have any ideas besides a possible infection. I'm not confident that this will go away if/when I'm in remission since the meds I've been taking have been keeping everything else under control except the sinus issues.

I go for a Rituximab infusion next week (had four in January) and the doctors hope it will push me into remission so fingers crossed.....

If I hear of anything about the sinuses or they actually get better, I'll be sure to post again.


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