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GPA and cat allergies/sinus issues?

I've lived with our pet cat for over 10 years and I've never had an issue not even whenI was first diagnosed with it in Feb 2013.however, recently my sinuses have been giving me ears itch, my throat feels tickly like I'm going to catch a cold and my nose is just runny.....

It's not hayfever as were in winter now...which has started to make me cough dry....but it's been 2 months and I just can't seem to get rid if these feelings it makes me feel really terrible. As if I'm always rundown when you have caught a cold feeling.

No temperature or anything either.

Anybody else have any issues with their sinuses or allergies since being diagnosed?

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Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't have hayfever - this exceptionally mild winter means there are plants starting to bloom already all over Europe! Also, you only become allergic to something later - never the first time you are exposed to it, you have to be exposed to it to form the antibodies which go mad at a later time. That can happen the second time - or the thousand and second time or the million and second time.

However - besides all that if you look at the NHS site on GPA you'll see that sinusitis is described as one of the symptoms of GPA:


I have never been allergic to animals and had them since being a child, however I'm extremely allergic to cats now and puppy's ....


Have you tried antihistamines to see if it goes away? My husband has WG and has never been allergic but suddenly he got a rash on his hands and was told very likely an allergic reaction and not connected to his illness. He had to take about 4 times the normal dosage normally prescribed but it did the trick. It has happened again but we do not know what causes it. Maybe you get more sensitive to things but dermatology said definitely not linked - but are they experts in vasculitis - I wonder?


I have a working diagnosis of GPA and when I look back, one of the very first symptoms I appear to have had is allergies to certain foods, medications and of all things certain papers.

I had terrible problems breathing when I ate certain spices that I had enjoyed all my life and still have to be careful. I reacted to brufen terribly, I understand that this could be co-incidental but it happened at the beginning of my troubles. In both instances my back itched severely and my breathing was impaired.

I tried antihistamines but they had little effect on my breathing but they did help with the itching, perhaps I should have tried upping the dose?

My sinuses are terribly painful and sore and I get recurring infections. I suffer headaches from the sinuses too. I take antihistamines when the pollen count is high as I suffer hay fever now.

Personally - I do believe that there is a connection.

Hope this helps and wish you well.



I am actually allergic to ibuprofen and nurofen. Same as you problems breathing and heightened Aches.


If I were you I would not be blaming the poor old moggy, but would strongly suspect that the GPA is becoming active again. Especially with the dry cough. All the symptoms you describe are characteristic of progressing Wegeners.

If you would like to send me a private message or an email to: you could tell me what maintenance regime (if any) you are on.


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I am allergic to most medications. Unless I am very ill generally they don't give me anything. If they do then you can say that almost all the time I'm very ill within a day and have to stop taking the medication. This causes problems as I have to naturally fight off things or have a different drug sometimes three times longer. I don;t know if it relates to me having henoch schonlein purpura and kidney involvment or something else. A consultant did mention another long name but I never wrote it down so haven't a clue what it is


Hi, i was only recentley diagnosed in October and my nose problems were my starting point with this disease and i am very anxious as to what is happening to my nose. i've just had my ENT exam last week and had the camera up my nose but was told very little other than as the treatment progresses things will improve. I am currently having the chemo infusions of cyclophosphomide and no. 4 is tomorrow. what i'd like to know is does is get better? My other issue is this disgusting smell i have in my nose as though everything up there is going bad and now my husband claims he can smell it which makes me very self concious when out. I have been prescribed a salt water nasal flush but wether this is going to help at all i dont know. I'm am still trying to work out what symptoms are associated with my nose as i have a variety of aches and pains in my face and nose and constant sore throat. Having a CT scan tonight so maybe that will show any problems with my sinuses and put my mind at rest


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