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Wegener's and neurological symptoms?

Hi all, I have a question to ask about WG, is it common to have neurological symptoms with Wegener’s? The reason I ask is that I have been getting shooting pains that happen at random. It happens in my arms and legs - It might be nothing, maybe a trapped nerve. I also suffer with reactive depression that seems to change, on a day by day basis. The two things might not be linked at all. Still I thought it might be worth asking the question!

I am seeing my rheumatologist this Monday, so I will ask the question.

Paul :-)

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What medication are you taking Regie? WG can affect all organs including the nerves, WG can also cause depression.... but so can prednisolone. I should talk to your consultant about your concerns on Monday and discuss these problems.



I do take Prednisolone Susan, I am only on 10mg don't really think this is the problem. My personal experience with the side effects when taking Prednisolone only really effected me, when I was taking much larger doses then I do now!

I haven't been very well anyway, so will have it out on Monday!

Thanks for the reply Susan :-)


Pins and needles, 'stocking and glove', muscle spasm and other nerve affectations are quite common but as Susan rightly says, pred. is a common cause. I'm currently experiencing very debilitating headaches which don't seem to respond to any medication. On paper my blood test results and recent surgery reveal no active disease (neither of which make it definitive that it isn't active WG on some level). As with others, I'm convinced the disease has caused permanent peripheral nerve damage.

I hope your consultant provides you with the diagnostic assessment you need.

Healthy wishes.


I am fortunate that I don't really suffer much with headaches. only sinus pain.

Thanks for your reply Martin.


I am currently having a similar experience and am relating it to pred withdrawal symptoms .This is the 3rd time i am reducing steroid and whilst this time it is very painful I have been here to varying a degrees before .Hoping it subsides .I too am to consult with Doctor tommorow .



I also get shooting pains and sharp pins and needles in my feet. I get numb and weak feeling all down the left side more. My consultant has made a referral for a MRI to see if there is any nerve damage was your WG related symptom and how are you now I hope doing well


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