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Vasculitis Relaspse after Injury?

Hi , I am Priya . I had often had cutaneous vasulitis concentrated on my lower legs during my childhood . Often had painful ulsers on both legs which healed on steriods treatment. Later after at the age of 32 I began to get chest pain and head ache with my BP shooting up. Since Coronory Angio was normal doctors assumed that the small vessels of my heart are getting effected. Ever since I get relapse of my symptoms which mostly is after a surgery or injury.( my cutaneous vasculitis of skin has never come back for last 15 yrs) . Chest pains get worst to the extend that i get tightening crushing pain after every meal or even after a conversation , which radiates to left arms mostly accompanied my head ache. I am now treated on low dose steroid , methotrexate and Actemra Alti IL6 and Angina medicines. Recently after a remission I am having a relapse after I had a fall and injured my spine. My Actemra dose went back to one per week and all my cardiac medicines are now doubled. I am 46 yrs old Female . My rheumy treats me from symptoms as she gets clue less as my blood tests always comes out normal. Does Vasulitis relapse after Ingury or surgery ?

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It can flare up due to stress. Lots of people report this on this site including myself.

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