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Septic Shock

Hello everyone, just me wanting advice about Dad again please. Dad was diagnosed with ANCA+ MPA pretty much a year ago. As far as I'm aware, he was in remission when he collapsed with pneumonia, E Coli and septic shock two months ago.

He has had CMV whilst in hospital and remains quite ill with the pneumonia.

I keep asking about the Vasculitis which was last being managed with only intravenous steroids but seems to have taken a back seat to everything else.

My question is, will he have to go back to taking the immunosuppressants eventually and also, what do the steroids do on their own - just keep inflammation at bay?

Thank you :)

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Hi karenhath009 I am sorry to hear about your dad and hope he makes a good recovery. I also have ANCA positive MPA. I understand with serious viruses it is normal to come off the immunosupressants for a period to let the immune system get on with the job it is supposed to do. However steroids as well as keeping inflammation at bay as you say, also have immunosuppressant effects. A Consultant from the Birmingham QE did give a talk a few years at the Vasculitis UK AGM about research he was doing on CMV and Vasculitis.



Hi Karen,

It's a very complex situation when you get life threatening sepsis whilst on immunosupressants. If my memory is correct your Father has had Rituximab, many patients just receive that with prednisolone and aren't on any other immunosupressants with it. Sometimes a severe infection can " scare " the Vasculitis into remission.

At the moment they will be concentrating on treating the disease which causes the most risk to your Father which sounds like the sepsis. The most important thing is for him to see the most experienced Consuktant in Vasculitis that he can, the large multi disciplinary Vasculitis clinics are always willing to give advice in these situations.

Have they checked your Father's immunoglobulins ( especially IgG ) to make sure that he isn't immunodeficiency which may be adding to the problem?


My Mum went through similar problems as this, sometimes the immuosupresents like prednisolone leave you open to infection. I monitor my Mums health very very carefully, a small rise in her temperature and off her food almost always indicates an infection and we act quickly to ensure it doesn't take hold and leave her seriously ill. Pneumonia is the illness that my Mum suffers badly from, quick treatment is the secret.

I hope your Dad recovers.

Best wishes.



Concerning the pneumonia and acting on it quickly, what specifically works for your mom when treating her?


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