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Severe itching and rash with EGPA

Hi I was diagnosed with EGPA in August 2017 after several years of not being listened to by the Severe Asthma consultants. I was having severe cardiac symptoms and an extreme worsening of "asthma". I was given ambulatory oxygen to help as O2 dropped dramatically on exertion. Eventually went for a second opinion to The Brompton in London. We admitted with eosinophilic pneumonia and after 10 days and lots of tests and questioning, given the diagnosis of EGPA. Referred back to my rating hospital in Leicester and started Mepo a few weeks ago after high dose steroids hadn't helped. Looking positive. My question is I have extreme itching and a faint rash which moves around my body. Has anyone with EPGA has this and what do they do to relieve the symptoms?

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Have you checked that it's not an allergic reaction to the Mepo?


Hi, I've had the itchy rash for some time and long before I started Mepo


Sorry, thought it was a recent problem!

I take it your liver and kidney function is ok?


I also was diagnosed with EGPA with heart and lung involvement. At the time, the doctors checked for rash and skin splints under the nails, as these are both signs of active EGPA. I had a rash on the back of my neck and upper back for many years. Once the EGPA was diagnosed, treated, and stabilized, I have not had the rash. I suggest that you have your consultant look at it. The treatment for it would depend on what they think is causing it. Previous to stabilization, there was nothing that I found that relieved the itching. Best wishes to you.


I only had the rash and accompanying itching before I was diagnosed with EGPA and treated for it. Haven't had it since, thank goodness.


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