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Having terrifying vascular issues and doctors are oblivious!

I have been having weird vascular issues since I was pregnant with my daughter that have gotten worse each time I menstruate. My veins in my entire body feel as if they're so full and a bit painful. I've had leaking in my leg veins. I feel short of breath. I'm terrified of my next period. Please someone tell me I'm not alone! I have no idea what type of doctor to see or what I can do to help alleviate symptoms.

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You haven't really given us enough information to advise you properly. There are over 18 different variants of Vasculitis which is a rare, auto immune disease which causes inflamation of the blood vessels. What do you mean by leaking in your leg veins, are you getting a rash that looks like bleeding under the skin?

The best idea is to phone or e mail the VUK helpline and John or myself can ask you some questions and try to help.



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