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Winchester to Addenbrookes via Southampton

Thank you everybody for all the good advice that you gave me - which worked. I was transferred from Winchester to Southampton yesterday, and when I get there they told me that I was scheduled for an operation to repair my C6 peardrop fracture this morning. I told them that I had talked to Stella at Addenbrookes and she had advised me that they really should not operate until they had talked to Dr Jayne. They completely agreed, said that Winchester had not filled them in enough about my Vasculitis and have transferred my care to Cambridge. I was discharged this afternoon in a high surgical collar and am being cosseted by my family, waiting to hear what happens next.

No doubt that having phones and wifi (thogh Southampton doesn't have the wifi) to chase things and check is a big improvement-though some consultants might disagree!

So, thank you everyone who gave me such good advice, and I hope I am now on the right path.

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I hope you hear soon BronteM, patient power at its best! Glad to hear your family are looking after you well.

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Hope all goes well for you Dr Jayne is the best!

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One of the best Shella , there are others :-)


Dear BronteM,

What a wonderful Christmas Present, to you, and indeed us all!

On behalf of us all, of this I'm quite sure, I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy, Positive New Year 2016 (2016....What AM I Saying...2016!!!!!).

Take care, of yourself Bronte



Thank you, AndrewT, and a very good Christmas to you too, as well as a successful New Year.

I'm definitely hoping for a good start to the New Year, as I've an early appointment to see the neurosurgeon at Addenbrookes again......and I would really like to lose the surgical collar that I'm wearing 24/7!


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