Accidentally visiting Winchester and Southampton

After a close encounter with a slippy carpet and an ancient radiator at my daughter' house, I'm stuck in the orthopaedic ward at Winchester. I've torn some ligaments and splintered some bone from a vertebra. I've had 36 hours strapped down and lying flat but am now more mobile in a surgical collar. Now the specialists at Southampton want to move me there and operate to tidy up the damage in my neck. I don't think this is a good idea unless they have talked to a Vasculitis specialist first. Can anyone tell me about any Vasculitis specialist at Southampton?

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  • Dr Charles Edwards at Southampton ......

  • That's great, I needed a name! Thank you.

  • It is important that the doctors talk to each other BronteM before they operate. John has had two ops and the doctors concerned had a case conference about John beforehand.

    Sorry to hear you are suffering at the moment.


  • That's really good to know-I'll dig my heels in a bit harder. What I'd really like is a transfer to Addenbrookes! But the staff here have been very kind and helpful.

  • Ouch! Poor you :(

  • It was ouch, and very silly!

  • my thoughts are with you BronteM

    praying you get all the help you need

  • Thank you...will keep you posted.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your accident, I do hope you get the very best help you can as we are not the easiest people to handle when it comes to operations.

    I fell two weeks ago and have broken three bones in my ankle leaving it totally unstable and have broken my ribs. The consultants were very good, between them they decided if at all possible they would try at all costs to avoid operating.

    They manually manipulated the three bones, one either side and one behind the ankle back into place without an anisthetic, put it in plaster then compressed both sides very tightly into the ankle to stop any movement. Back yesterday and so far so good looks as though it is healing nicely. Three more weeks and a further check.

    I wonder if it is worth a call to your consultant for Takayasu and take their advice regarding consultants for your present situation.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you a very speedy and pain free recovery.

  • Why are operations tricky for us? All vasculitis patients or just some?

  • I think for all of us although different types of Vasculitis carries different risks depending on organs affected, end organ damage and the medications you are taking, also whether it's major or minor surgery.

    Generally speaking surgeons aren't good at medical management ( you wouldn't want a medic taking out your appendix either). Its anaesthetists that have more medical knowledge but they only monitor and manage critical care patients post op.

    The nurses in surgical wards can struggle with post op complex medical patients as well due to lack of experience. Multidisciplinary meetings and care planning beforehand is vital.

  • That's great information, thank you! I'm still waiting for a decision from Southampton, but using all your useful

    Info when I talk to the doctors here. I'm hoping that no news is good news - or that S'ton are talking to Addenbrookes before they decide and that's why they are so slow. Of course I might just be at the end of the queue!

  • Oh that does sound nasty. But really good that they have been so thoughtful and careful. I will very much keep it in mind when I talk to the people tomorrow. Thank you , and a speedy recovery.

  • Do hope all goes well ....

  • Hi Bronte M,

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I would get them to liaise with Addenbrookes as TAK is so rare they may not have any experience of it in Southampton.

    For me a particular concern would be the fact that your BP can be difficult to find, this could cause them problems monitoring you during and after spinal surgery. There is no harm done in them picking up the phone!

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Dr Edwards is the specialist in Southampton

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