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Pneumocystis Jiroveci Pneumonia- prophylactic medication when on long term high dose steroids and Methotrexate

Was wondering if others have been put on prophylactic medication for Pneumocycstis Jiroveci Pneumonia due to taking high dose Prednisolone over long the long term. I have been taking Prednisolone 40-50mg daily for 4 months and Methotrexate 20mg per week. I am still trying to get a diagnosis confirmed but seems like Central Nervous System Vasculitis probably secondary to an underlying systemic vasculitis (?type). Thank you in advance. Health unlocked and the many open and generous people who share their experiences has truely been my lifeline over the few months. Many thanks.

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My Mum had this pneumonia after being taken off the prophylaxis she was on. It almost killed her, two periods on a ventilator....

She mow takes Co-trimoxazole 1000mg three times a week. Possibly for life.


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