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Breast cancer

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The options have been discussed with me and my husband also my consultant Rheumatologist The first option was a mastectomy but due to my other medical conditions that for the time being is not an option plus chemo,radiotherapy and some of the hormone drugs. However there is one hormone pill that I am going to try and keep my fingers crossed I will not reject it.

I am lucky I have friends who are very supportive we have no family except one cousin who lives down south so we can't expect practical help but telephone chat is good.

We have a date for my husband to have his knee replaced that's in two weeks time so focusing on how I will manage during his stay in hospital also when he comes home. I am pleased to say I have always been a very positive,organised person now is the time to put it in motion again. I suppose I am feeling angry I really do think vasculitis is enough to have to manage but now cancer also has come my way when both of us were looking forward to creating a new pathway for ourselves and we have to put that back on hold. I think the awful tiredness we get with it needs to be managed but the pills I have been given make you very tired just wondering how I am going to stay upright!!!

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I really feel for you - when you were looking forward to your new life - they say these things make us stronger - I hope you have lots of support during the difficult times and all goes well for you both. The Vasculitis does make you tired but try to make time for rest when you can. There is lots of support out there when you need it.


Fennahj, I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. When we have multiple diseases and cancer decides to show its ugly head, it can leave us in a quandry. I had breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 but this was before vasculitis popped up. I already had RA, Sjogren's, Bronchiectasis with pseudomonas colonisation and high blood pressure. I had a mastectomy, chemo, but no radiotherapy because of my lung disease and risk of pulmonary fibrosis. I was also on MTX, so I had to stop that before chemo began. Currently taking Anastrazole for at least 5 years as my cancer was 100% Oestrogen positive and 75% Progesterone positive. I wonder what anti hormone drug your are taking?

If you haven't already been, I would encourage you to visit the Breast Cancer Care website:

It has booklets you can download, a free helpline where you can chat to breast cancer nurse, and free forums to sign up to where you can ask questions of other BC patients. Wishing you all the best. xx


Still praying for you. You're really getting hit from all sides. You have so much on your plate. Try to hold on and imagine better days, when your husband's knee is healed up and the breast cancer is behind you. Hugs.


I have Takayasus vasculitis. I was diagnosed in 2001. I take Prednisolone every day. I had an aortic heart valve replaced in October 2012 and my right hip replaced in July last year 2014. I also have a cyst that is pressing on my spinal cord so in January this year I had an epidural injection to help the pain. After all this I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February this year 2015. I had a total mastectomy in March. I declined chemo but start radiotherapy next week. My cancer is hormone receptive so I take Letrozole to block the hormones. I'm wondering how much more I can take. My consultant is Professor Justin Mason at Hammersmith hospital and he's had no problems with me having cancer treatment. I do feel so tired with it all. I rest like I'm told but nothing seems to stop the constant exhaustion. I feel angry as well. Why am I getting all these problems. I also lost my youngest son in an accident at work in 2001 and I wonder if that's what's started it all off. I miss him so much. Broken hearted. Takayasus !!!


Dear Fennahj,

I almost feel well, looking at how ill you are. I haven't got cancer, on top of everything else-only Kidney Failure (I had Transplant, in July 2013), Heart Failure, Brian Damage and, a few, other 'bits', nothing really!

In answer to you actual question, I can't really say-other that, if it was me, I'd be guided by my Doctors/Consultants regarding treatment. Sorry if this is not much help but, since I don't know your exact condition, it is difficult to advise you further. I'm NOT one to 'look it up', on the internet/encyclopaedia/reference book, and then tell you what to do! (How much harm has been caused, by this practise, I honestly dread to think) Please will you let us know how you get on Fennah.

I send you our, very best, wishes.



The breast cancer care website is a well known, with very experienced and trusted specialist care nurses. Millions of women use it. But don't used Dr Google!! He is very often out of date with his information, and sometimes misleads us with his rubbish information.


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