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Patient Dignity and Independence Survey - National Institute for Health Research

Your opinion counts Tell us what would make a difference to your ability to live well.

Thank you for taking part in this survey. It should take about 5 minutes to complete.

We would like to collect some information about you and your conditions, or the conditions of the person you care for. If you care for more than one person please feel free to complete the survey more than once.

None of the information you provide in the survey will be identifiable personally.

We may share anonymous information with other organisations and groups.

This link gives more detail


This link is the survey


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If you want to put Other condition on one if the pages apart from the list offered it does not work. I don't know who should be told.


if you tick none and then put vasculitis in the other box it will go through... it really should say none of the above... we have passed on your feedback piglette


Ah that explains it!


I tried ticking none then the "other "option that worked. hope that helps

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I have given feedback about this ...thank you... yes if you click none, it really means none of the above then you can enter Vasculitis :-)


Please do complete this survey if it is appropriate to you or the person you care for, over 30 people with vasculitis completed the survey between the hors of 8 - 9 pm last night :-)


Done. I chose two of the options which I do have, then put all my other conditions in the other box - there's rather a lot!!


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